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Are there any cost effective options available for creating an album cover on an iPhone?

How to Make an Album Cover on iPhone

Album covers are an integral part of music. They give an insight into the contents of the album, grab attention, and are a way to brand an artist. In today’s digital age, album covers have evolved to become digital art pieces. With iPhone’s advanced software and high-resolution cameras, it is possible to create professional-looking album covers without the need for expensive software and hardware. Below are some simple steps to show you how to make an album cover on iPhone.

Step 1: Choose a theme and inspiration

The first step in creating an album cover is to pick a theme and gather some inspiration. This theme could be anything from a specific colour palette to something related to the music genre. Once you have a clear idea of the theme, it is time to start gathering some inspiration. Look at album covers from different artists in the same genre, consider colour schemes and font choices. Collect all the images, references, and inspiration in a mood board or Pinterest board.

Step 2: Use an app or software

Now that you have gathered your inspiration, it’s time to start creating your album cover. The first thing you need is an app or software to start designing. iPhone has some standard photo editing apps like Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, and Snapseed. However, if you are looking for something with more features, apps like Canva, PicMonkey, and BeFunky are great options.

Step 3: Select the right image and dimensions

Once you have opened the app, the next step is to choose the right dimensions for the album cover. The most common dimension for album covers is 1400×1400 pixels. However, some platforms like Spotify may require a different size, so it is essential to check with your distributor or the platform. After selecting the correct dimensions, choose an image that best fits the theme and inspiration you collected earlier. This image can either be a photograph, graphics, or illustration.

Step 4: Editing and designing the Album cover

Now it’s time to get creative and let your editing and design skills take over. Use the editing tools provided by the app to adjust the image or graphics to fit the album cover dimensions. If your inspiration had a specific colour palette or font, incorporate them into the design. Use text overlays to add album name, artist name, and any other necessary information. Try different layouts and designs until you find the perfect balance for your album cover.

Step 5: Save and Publish

After completing the designing, it is time to save your album cover. Make sure to save it in the right format – JPG or PNG – and export it without compression to ensure high quality. The final step is to publish it on the streaming platform or distributor. Uploading the album cover is straightforward, and platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal have instructions on how to do this.


Your album cover is a significant part of the music release, and it is essential to invest time and effort into designing it. With iPhone’s advanced software and apps, it is now easy to design a professional-looking album cover at a low cost. Make sure to follow the steps above, be creative, and produce an album cover that stands out and represents your music.

Creating an album cover on your iPhone is an easy and fast way to showcase your favourite images. Whether you want to use the images for printing or for online use, making an album cover on your iPhone will allow you to make a professional-looking product.

To start, it is first necessary to gather the images you will want to use. You can easily capture images on your iPhone camera, or you can use images stored in your library or downloaded from the internet. Once you have gathered the images for your album cover, you can start to create the design.

The easiest way to create an album cover on your iPhone is to use a free app, such as Canva. This app allows you to create custom designs with ease. First, you will need to select a template. On the app, you will see various templates to select, or you can use the “+” tab to create your own custom design.

After selecting the template, you will then need to upload the images you will be using for the cover. You can either upload from your iPhone library, or from your cloud storage. Once you have uploaded the photos, you will be able to adjust them as needed, as well as add additional text, shapes and other elements.

Once you have finished creating your album cover design, you can then save it to your library and use it as needed. If you have a printer, you can easily print out the cover and make it into a photo album. Alternatively, you can use the cover for online use, such as social media sites or websites.

Creating an album cover on your iPhone is a quick and easy way to showcase your images. With the right app, you can create a professional-looking product in no time.

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