how to make alarm louder on iphone 13


Are there any third-party apps that can help to make the alarm louder on an iPhone 13?

How to Make Alarm Louder on iPhone 13

Are you one of those people who struggle to get up in the morning? If you own an iPhone 13, you can make your morning routine a little easier by increasing the volume of your alarm. In this article, we’ll discuss some simple tips and tricks that will help you make your iPhone 13 alarm louder so that you can wake up on time and start your day on the right foot.

Step 1: Adjust Your iPhone Volume

The first thing you should do is check the volume level of your iPhone 13. To do this, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Volume, and adjust the slider to the maximum level. This will increase the overall volume of your device, including the alarm.

Step 2: Change the Alarm Tone

Another thing you can do to make your alarm louder is to change the tone. Some alarm tones are quieter than others, so choosing a louder tone will make your alarm more noticeable. To change the alarm tone, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Ringtone. From here, you can choose a new tone that is louder and more attention-grabbing.

Step 3: Turn on “Vibrate on Ring”

In addition to changing the volume and tone, you can also turn on the “Vibrate on Ring” feature. This will cause your iPhone 13 to vibrate in addition to playing the alarm tone, which will make it even more noticeable. To turn on this feature, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics and toggle the “Vibrate on Ring” switch to the on position.

Step 4: Use a Third-Party Alarm App

If the built-in alarm app on your iPhone 13 still isn’t loud enough, you can always download a third-party alarm app. These apps often have more customizable features, including louder alarm tones and more intense vibrations. Some popular alarm apps include Alarmy, Sleep Cycle, and Wakeout.


Getting up early in the morning can be a challenge, but with these simple tips and tricks, you can make the process a little easier. By adjusting the volume, changing the alarm tone, turning on the “Vibrate on Ring” feature, and using a third-party alarm app, you can make your iPhone 13 alarm louder and more attention-grabbing. Waking up on time has never been easier!

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