how to connect vantrue n4 to iphone

Vantrue N4

What steps are necessary to connect the Vantrue N4 to an iPhone?

As technology advances and our lives become more dependent on gadgets, it’s pretty common to have dashcams in our vehicles. These small but helpful devices aid in recording incidents on the road, providing legal evidence in case of an accident. Vantrue n4 is one such amazing addition that comes packed with advanced features such as 4K video recording, night vision, and much more. It is a valuable investment for anyone who is concerned about their safety on the road.

Connecting the Vantrue n4 to your iPhone is as easy as a piece of cake. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1 – Download the “Vantrue N4” App

To link your iPhone to Vantrue n4, you need to download the “Vantrue N4” app from the App Store. The App is entirely free and only takes a few seconds to download and install.

Step 2 – Connect Your iPhone To Vantrue n4 WiFi

To activate the Wi-Fi on your Vantrue N4, hold the WiFi button for two seconds until the light turns on, and then it will start broadcasting a signal. Connect your iPhone to the Vantrue N4 Wi-Fi network, which is likely to show up as “Vantrue N4_FFFAAA”. This will enable the wireless connection of your Vantrue n4 and iPhone.

Step 3 – Start the Vantrue N4 App

Once your iPhone is connected to Vantrue n4 WIFI, move to the app. Open the “Vantrue N4” app. Your iPhone will connect to the Vantrue n4 automatically and show you a live video stream of the camera’s output. It helps you monitor driving subjects, parking areas, and cars around you.

You can also adjust the Vantrue n4’s settings through the app. For instance, you can choose the video or photo resolution, adjust exposure, enable loop recording, and much more. There’s plenty of customization options available through the app that you can use for more personalized driving experience.

In conclusion, connecting the Vantrue n4 to your iPhone can help you maximize the benefits of the dashcam. It’s an effortless process that can be completed within minutes, helping you keep an eye on your travels. Follow the above instructions, and you’ll have your iPhone connected to Vantrue n4 in no time. With Vantrue n4, you can enjoy a safe and carefree driving experience.

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