how to change your airdrop name on iphone


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How to Change Your Airdrop Name on iPhone

Are you tired of seeing the generic “iPhone” name pop up when you try to send a file through Airdrop? You’re not alone. Changing your Airdrop name is a quick and easy process. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open Settings

First, locate the Settings app on your iPhone and open it.

settings app icon

Step 2: Click on General

Scroll down until you find the General tab and click on it.

general tab screenshot

Step 3: Choose About

In the General tab, scroll down until you find About and click on it.

about tab screenshot

Step 4: Click on Name

In the About tab, you’ll see your current name listed at the top. Click on it.

name tab screenshot

Step 5: Enter Your New Name

In the Name tab, you’ll see the option to enter a new name. Type in your desired Airdrop name.

new name screenshot

Step 6: Save Your New Name

After you’ve entered your new name, click on Done in the top right corner to save it.

done button screenshot

That’s it! Your new Airdrop name should now appear when you go to send a file through Airdrop.


– Keep your Airdrop name simple and easy to recognize.
– Avoid using special characters or emojis in your Airdrop name, as they may cause compatibility issues with other devices.
– If you have multiple Apple devices linked to the same iCloud account, make sure to update the Airdrop name on all of them to avoid confusion.

If you are an iPhone user, you have probably noticed that on your device there is an option to change your Airdrop name. Airdrop is the Apple File Sharing technology that allows iPhone users to share files and data with other iPhones. In this article, we will explain how to change your Airdrop name on an iPhone.

The first step is to open the Settings app which is usually located at the home screen of your iPhone. Once you have opened Settings, you will need to scroll down to the “General” section and then tap on Airdrop.

On the Airdrop screen, you will see the current name of your device which is usually your full name. You can then tap on the name located on the top of the screen in order to change it.

You will then be taken to a text field where you can enter your preferred Airdrop name. Once you have entered your desired name, you will need to tap the “Done” button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

If you would like to set your Airdrop visibility, you can slide the switch that says “Allow me to be discovered by” to either “Everyone” or “Contacts Only”. If you would like to keep your Airdrop name private, you can select “Receiving Off”.

Once you have changed your Airdrop name, you can close the Settings app and your new Airdrop name will be displayed.

Changing your Airdrop name is a quick and easy process that can be completed in just a few steps. With the correct settings, you can protect your data by making your name private, or make it easier for people to find you by setting your visibility to “Everyone”. Now you know how to customize your Airdrop name on an iPhone!

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