how to change size of picture to print on iphone


Can resizing a photo from an iPhone be done without a computer?

How to Change the Size of a Picture to Print on iPhone

Printing pictures is one of the best ways to preserve memories, share them with others, and decorate your home or office. However, sometimes you may find that the pictures you want to print are too large for the paper or canvas you plan to use. In this article, we will guide you through the process of changing the size of a picture to print on an iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Image in the Photos App

The first step to resizing a picture on your iPhone is to open the Photos app. Once you locate the image you want to print, tap on it to open it.

Open image in Photos app

Step 2: Click on the Edit Button

After opening the image, you will see a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Tap on the “Edit” button to access the image editing tools.

Click on the Edit button

Step 3: Select the Resize Option

Once you are in edit mode, you will see several editing options such as add filter, crop, adjust, and more. Swipe left on these options until you see “Resize.” Tap on the “Resize” option.

Select the Resize Option

Step 4: Choose a New Size for Your Picture

After selecting “Resize,” you will see several options such as small, medium, and large. Select the size that you want your picture to be. You can also enter a custom size by tapping on “Custom.”

Choose a New Size for Your Picture

Step 5: Save Your Changes

Once you have selected the new size for your picture, tap on the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the screen to apply the changes.

Save Your Changes

Step 6: Print Your Picture

Now that you have resized your picture, you can easily print it from your iPhone. Simply connect your iPhone to a printer, select the picture you want to print, and tap on the “Print” button.

Print Your Picture

Resizing a picture on your iPhone is a simple process that can help you print pictures in the exact size you need them. Follow these steps the next time you want to print a picture, and enjoy having your memories in the form of a beautiful print.

When it comes to printing photos on an iPhone, one of the most pressing concerns is making sure the size of your images is appropriate for the desired outcome. Fortunately, modern iPhones offer a variety of built-in features that make changing the size of a picture for printing easy.

The first step is to open the image you wish to print in the Photos app. From there, you can tap on the “Edit” button located at the bottom of the screen. This will open the picture in the image editor, which will provide you with a range of options to customize your image.

Once inside the editor, tap the “Crop” tool located on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The crop tool will allow you to select a specific aspect ratio or size for your image. This means you can choose a size such as “6×4” or “4×6” which will ensure the image meets the size requirements of whatever printing device you plan on using. You may also be able to find specific measurements within various printing apps that you may have, such as “8×10” or “14×10”.

Once you have selected the desired size of your image, tap on the “Done” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and your image will be resized accordingly. Your edited image will now appear in the Photos app. From there, you can either transfer the image to whatever printing device you plan on using and make sure the measurements work out correctly, or you can send the image directly to whatever printer you plan on using for your prints.

By following these steps, you now have the knowledge to easily resize your pictures for printing on an iPhone. With the right image size you can quickly and easily start printing the photos that mean the most to you.

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