how to use crafting books elden ring


Are there any differences between the crafting materials used in craft books for Elden Ring compared to other games?

Crafting in Elden Ring is an essential aspect of the game, and you can discover new crafting recipes by obtaining Crafting Books. These books are often tucked away in hard-to-reach places, but the effort to locate them is worth it.

Here is a detailed guide on how to use Crafting Books in Elden Ring:

Step 1: Find Crafting Books

Crafting Books can be found in different areas of the game, from loot-filled dungeons to enemy camps. Pay close attention to the environment around you and keep an eye out for hidden spots or chests tucked away next to a wall. A keen eye and some exploring skills can lead you to a Crafting Book.

Step 2: Learn the Crafting Recipe

Once you’ve obtained a Crafting Book, open your inventory and read it to learn the crafting recipe it contains. Crafting Books are often named after the item they allow you to craft, so it won’t be hard to identify which items you can craft.

Step 3: Gather the Necessary Resources

Before you can create an item, you need to gather the necessary resources. These resources may include items you find throughout the game world, or you might need to purchase them from a merchant.

Step 4: Visit the Forging Menu

Once you have all the necessary resources, visit the Forging Menu and select the item you want to craft. If you have multiple Crafting Books with different recipes, use the left and right buttons to switch between them.

Step 5: Craft the Item

After you have selected the desired recipe, use the “Craft” option to create the item. The item will be added to your inventory, and you can now use it however you see fit. Some crafted items are consumables, while others are equipment items or weapons.


Crafting Books in Elden Ring are essential for making progress and obtaining useful items. With this guide, you are now equipped to discover and use Crafting Books to your advantage. Happy exploring!

When it comes to crafting books in the highly anticipated game Elden Ring, the process is not as difficult as one might suspect. A crafting book can be used to quickly upgrade your weapons and armor, enabling you to better prepare for the challenging fights against challenging monsters.

Using crafting books in Elden Ring is simple. Begin by opening your inventory and choosing the weapon or piece of armor you would like to upgrade. Once this is selected, browse the options for upgrades available. Some of these upgrades require specific materials required to craft the item. The required materials can be found by exploring the open world or by completing certain tasks such as killing monsters or completing quests. Once you have obtained the necessary materials, select the item you would like to upgrade and select the “Craft” option. This will open up the crafting menu which allows you to attach a crafting book.

After you have attached a crafting book, click the “Craft now” option. This will cause the item to be instantly upgraded. Your gear will now be much stronger and better prepared for the dangers that await you in Elden Ring.

Finally, it is important to note that crafting books come in a variety of levels. The higher the level of crafting book used, the better the result. Therefore, players should carefully consider which crafting book they wish to use depending on their current level of equipment. Furthermore, as you progress further in the game, higher level crafting books are required to craft the best possible equipment.

In conclusion, using crafting books in Elden Ring is a fairly simple process. With the combination of materials acquired by completing tasks and a well-chosen crafting book, one can make sure their equipment is top-notch and ready to tackle the harsh foes of the game.

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