how to use a selfie stick with an iphone

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What type of selfie stick is compatible with an iPhone?

How to Use a Selfie Stick with an iPhone

Selfie sticks have become popular in recent years thanks to the ease with which we can take better photos of ourselves and share them on social media. They can be especially useful when travelling or visiting tourist attractions, as you can capture yourself and the background in one shot. If you have an iPhone, then using a selfie stick is a great way to take great photos from every angle possible without bothering others. In this article, we’ll go through the steps of how to use a selfie stick with an iPhone.

Step 1: Get Your Selfie Stick and iPhone Ready

Ensure your selfie stick is fully charged, and your iPhone has enough battery before connecting them together. Most selfie sticks have a built-in Bluetooth or cable that connects to your iPhone. Depending on the selfie stick, you’ll need to pair your mobile device with your selfie stick. If your selfie stick is connected using Bluetooth, turn it on and enable Bluetooth on your iPhone. If it’s connected through a cable, plug the cable into your phone’s charging port.

Step 2: Adjust the Length of Selfie Stick

Your selfie stick has an adjustable mechanism. Adjust the length of your selfie stick depending on your height. You want to ensure the stick provides enough distance for capturing your best shot without being too far away. Be mindful not to extend the stick too far so that it becomes unstable.

Step 3: Position Your iPhone and Selfie Stick

Once you have extended the selfie stick to the desired length, you need to position your iPhone appropriately. Place your iPhone in the clip holder provided at the end of the phone holder. Ensure that your phone is secure and stable.

Step 4: Take the Photo

Now that your iPhone is securely attached to your selfie stick, you may open the camera app on your phone. You have two options to take a photo: press the shutter button on your phone or use the remote shutter button on your selfie stick’s handle. You may also use a self-timer setting in your camera app for hands-free shots.

Step 5: Edit and Share Your Photos

Once you’ve taken your photos, you may share them with friends and family on social media platforms. Many cameras come with editing features like filters, brightness, and orientation that you may use to refine your images. Review your photos, make adjustments, and then share them with the world.


Selfie sticks can help you take stunning and memorable photos with ease. Above are simple steps to using a selfie stick with your iPhone to make use of this wonderful tech gadget. You’ll be surprised by how much fun and how many memories you can create when you have a selfie stick. Enjoy snapping your selfies and capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Selfie sticks are becoming increasingly popular as a way for people to take better self-portrait photographs. But what many don’t realize is that accomplishing this task with an iPhone requires a few additional steps beyond simply attaching the device. To help ensure successful photo-taking with your iPhone, here are the steps you’ll need to take.

First, make sure your iPhone has bluetooth enabled. This will allow the remote shutter control that’s built into most selfie sticks to connect with your phone. Once your phone has bluetooth enabled, power up the selfie stick itself and be sure the two devices are correctly linked.

Next, attach your iPhone to the holder located at the very end of the selfie stick. Doing this correctly will mean adjusting the holder or arm so that your phone’s camera is aligned perpendicular with the selfie stick’s center of gravity. This will keep your pictures level and focused. When attaching your iPhone, also make sure your phone is firmly secured so it won’t come loose during a photo shoot.

Once mounted, the next step is where the fun begins. With your phone attached to the selfie stick and both devices powered on and linked to each other, you’ll want to compose the frame you’re looking to capture. At this point you can use the remote on the selfie stick to activate your iPhone’s shutter, allowing you to set up the perfect selfie, group shot, or scene.

Finally, before storing the device away, remember to disconnect the bluetooth between the remote and your iPhone. Doing so will keep your battery life intact and ensure you’re maximizing the device’s potential when you use it next.

With the steps above, you’ll now be able to take better self-portraits with your iPhone via the use of a selfie stick. Have fun and happy shooting!

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