how to unlock iphone xr for free


Are there any alternative methods to unlock an iPhone XR for free?

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How to Unlock iPhone XR for Free

The iPhone XR is a popular smartphone from Apple that offers many advanced features and capabilities, such as Face ID, Liquid Retina display, A12 Bionic chip, and advanced camera system. However, if you want to use your iPhone XR with a different carrier than the one it is locked to, you need to unlock it first. In this article, we will show you how to unlock iPhone XR for free using three different methods.

Method 1: Contact Your Carrier

The first method to try when unlocking your iPhone XR is to contact your carrier and ask for an unlock. Many carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, allow customers to unlock their phones if certain conditions are met. For example:

  • You have fully paid for the device or completed the contract
  • Your account is in good standing and not in arrears or fraudulent
  • You have used the device for a minimum period of time (usually 60-90 days)
  • Your device is not reported lost, stolen, or blacklisted

If you meet these criteria, you can contact your carrier’s customer support and request an unlock. They may ask for your IMEI number, which you can find in Settings > General > About, or by dialing *#06# on your phone. Once the unlock is approved, you may need to insert a new SIM card from a different carrier and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Method 2: Use Third-Party Services

If your carrier does not offer an unlock or you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you can try using third-party services that claim to unlock your iPhone XR for a fee or for free. However, be cautious when dealing with such services, as some may be scams or illegal. Some reputable services that you can consider are:

  • DoctorUnlock
  • IMEIUnlockSIM
  • Official iPhone Unlock
  • UnlockBoot

These services typically require you to provide your IMEI number, email address, and payment details. They will then send you instructions on how to unlock your iPhone XR, either through software or hardware methods. Some services may offer a money-back guarantee if the unlock fails or causes any damage to your device. However, keep in mind that using third-party services may void your warranty and may not be legal in some countries or regions.

Method 3: Try Free Software Tools

If you prefer to unlock your iPhone XR for free and without risking your warranty, you can try using free software tools that are available online. These tools may require some technical skills, time, and patience to use, and may not work for all iPhone XR models or iOS versions. Some popular tools that you can explore are:

  • Ultrasn0w
  • redsn0w
  • Sam Bingner’s Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM)
  • R-SIM and Gevey SIM

These tools may involve jailbreaking your iPhone XR, which is a process that allows you to install and run unauthorized apps and tweaks on your device. Jailbreaking requires careful research, backup, and consideration of the risks and benefits, as it may expose your device to security threats, instability, and compatibility issues.


Unlocking your iPhone XR can give you more freedom and flexibility in choosing the carrier and plan that suits your needs and preferences. You can try contacting your carrier, using third-party services, or exploring free software tools to unlock your device. However, be aware of the risks and limitations of each method, and always backup your data and follow the instructions carefully. With the right approach and mindset, you can unlock your iPhone XR for free and enjoy its full potential.

Using a new iPhone XR can be quite exciting but finding a way to unlock it for free can be a bit of a challenge. This article will guide you through the steps for unlocking your iPhone XR for free.

To unlock your iPhone XR for free, you will need a computer, internet access, and an iPhone XR. The steps are simple and straightforward.

First, you need to locate a website that offers unlocking services for your iPhone XR. There are several such websites available, so you should be able to quickly find the one suited for your needs. Once you have selected the website, you will have to enter the iPhone XR’s serial number, model number, and other pertinent information. After entering the information, the website will generate a unique unlock code that you can use to unlock your device.

Once the code is generated, you should enter it into your iPhone XR. After that, you will need to reboot your phone in order to complete the process. Your phone should now be unlocked.

In some cases, the website may require that you pay a fee for the unlock code. If this is the case, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the website carefully before making a purchase.

Unlocking your iPhone XR for free is an effective way to gain access to the many features your device offers. It could help you keep your device running at optimal levels while also giving you the freedom to customize its appearance and settings in any way you see fit. So give it a try and start enjoying your iPhone XR today!

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