how to unblock jail calls on iphone


Does unblocking jail calls on an iPhone involve any legal implications?

How to Unblock Jail Calls on iPhone

Jail calls are a common occurrence among people who have family members or friends who are incarcerated. These calls are very important for staying in touch with loved ones and keeping up with important information such as court dates and legal matters. However, many people have trouble receiving jail calls on their iPhone because of blocked numbers or restrictions put in place by their carrier. But don’t worry, there are several ways to unblock jail calls on iPhone.

Method 1: Contact Carrier

The first step to unblocking jail calls on iPhone is to contact your carrier. Call or chat with their customer service and explain your situation. They may be able to lift any restrictions on your line and provide you with additional services to help you receive jail calls. You may have to provide the phone number of the correctional facility and/or the inmate’s ID number. Some carriers may charge a fee for unblocking jail calls, so make sure to ask about any charges upfront before proceeding.

Method 2: Use a Third-Party Service

If your carrier is unable or unwilling to help unblock jail calls on your iPhone, you can use a third-party service. These services provide a phone number that the inmate can call, which then forwards the call to your phone. Some popular third-party services include GlobalTel, ICSolutions, and SecurusTech. Before using any third-party service, make sure to research them thoroughly to ensure they are reputable and reliable.

Method 3: Install a Call-Blocking App

If you believe that jail calls are being blocked by your carrier’s call-blocking feature, you can download a call-blocking app that will allow you to unblock certain numbers, such as the number of the correctional facility. Some popular call-blocking apps include Truecaller, Hiya, and Mr. Number. Once installed, you can add the number of the correctional facility to the list of unblocked numbers.

Method 4: Try a Different Phone

If you have tried all the above methods and are still unable to receive jail calls on your iPhone, it may be time to try a different phone. Some older models of phones may not have the same call-blocking features or restrictions that newer models have. You can try using an older phone to receive jail calls, or you can borrow a phone from a friend or family member.


There are several ways to unblock jail calls on iPhone, including contacting your carrier, using a third-party service, installing a call-blocking app, or trying a different phone. It’s important to stay in touch with loved ones who are incarcerated, and these methods will help ensure that you can stay connected.

Unblocking jail calls on an iPhone is an important task that any iPhone user should be aware of, especially those who deal with incarcerated friends or family members. Fortunately, unblocking these calls from within your iPhone is a fairly straightforward process that should not take too much time. Here are the steps to unblocking jail calls on an iPhone.

The first step is to access your Settings menu. This can be found by selecting the blue gears icon on your home screen. Once in the Settings section, select Phone and then Call Blocking & Identification. This will allow you to see a list of callers that you have blocked and unblock them if needed.

The second step is to find the jail calls that you wish to unblock in the list. Depending on your service provider and iPhone model, the list may appear differently. However, you should still be able to locate the jail calls that need to be unblocked.

Once the jail calls have been located, select the edit tab to make the necessary changes. This process may vary depending on your service provider, but generally, you can simply tap the Unblock tab to unblock the jails calls.

And finally, once all jail calls have been successfully unblocked, select the done tab to save all the changes. And you’re done!

With these steps, you should be able to unblock all jail calls on your iPhone in just a few minutes. Moreover, you can also block calls from specific numbers in the same way simply by following the same steps. The advantage is that it allows you to control incoming calls from those that you do not want to receive.

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