how to turn sos off on iphone 12


Are there any potential risks in disabling the SOS feature on an iPhone 12?

How to Turn SOS Off on iPhone 12

The SOS feature on iPhone 12 is a built-in emergency service that allows you to quickly call for help and alert your emergency contacts. While it can be a useful feature in times of urgency, activating it accidentally can cause unnecessary panic for yourself and your loved ones. Here’s how to turn SOS off on your iPhone 12.

Step 1: Open Your iPhone’s Settings

Firstly, tap on the Settings icon on your iPhone’s home screen.

iPhone Settings icon

Step 2: Tap on Emergency SOS

Next, scroll down and tap on Emergency SOS under the Privacy section of the Settings menu.

iPhone Emergency SOS settings

Step 3: Toggle Off Auto Call

On the Emergency SOS page, toggle off the Auto Call function to disable the automatic activation of the SOS feature when the side button and volume button are pressed simultaneously.

iPhone Emergency SOS settings with Auto Call toggled off

Step 4: Turn Off Emergency Contacts

In addition to disabling the Auto Call functionality, you may also choose to turn off the Emergency Contacts feature. Turning off this feature will prevent your emergency contacts from being notified and receiving a message with your location when you activate SOS manually. You can do this by toggling off the toggle switch next to ‘Call With Side Button’ on the same Emergency SOS page.

iPhone Emergency SOS settings with Call With Side Button toggle off

Step 5: Exit Settings

Once you have turned off the desired SOS features, tap on the Home Button to exit Settings and your changes will be saved.

Now you know how to turn off SOS on your iPhone 12 and prevent any accidental calls for emergency services or unnecessary panic for your emergency contacts. If you ever need to turn on the SOS feature again, simply follow the same steps and toggle the desired features on.

Recently, the iPhone 12 was released, turning heads and captivating us with its 5G capabilities and incredible performance. While the phone is equipped with a host of useful features, one thing that many users find quite perplexing is how to turn off the SOS feature.

The SOS feature, or “Emergency SOS”, is a safety feature on the iPhone 12 that allows users to quickly call for help in an emergency. When activated, it will automatically dial 911 and send your location to emergency services. It’s a valuable capability, but there may be times when it proves erroneously activated or when it needs to be deliberately turned off. Here, we’ll explain how to do this.

The first step is simple: head to the Settings menu on your iPhone 12. From here, find and tap the “Emergency SOS” tab to enter its settings. Next, tap the switch next to “Auto Call” to turn it off. There are also other options that you may or may not want to enable, such as “Countdown Sound”, “Call with Side Button”, and “Alerts”. These can be modified according to your expectations. Additionally, if you’d like to delete the SOS contact and SMS message that are sent when the SOS is activated, you can do this as well.

Once you’ve completed these steps, the SOS feature should be successfully disabled. Keep in mind that while the auto call feature has been disabled, the Emergency SOS slider at the bottom of the lock screen is still available, should you ever need it.

Overall, it’s quite easy to turn off SOS on the latest iPhone 12 model. Be sure to update your settings based on your personal needs and preferences. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you can quickly and easily access help in an emergency situation.

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