how to turn on hotspot on iphone 8


Are there additional fees associated with using an iPhone 8 hotspot?

How to Turn on Hotspot on iPhone 8

For those who need to connect to the internet on the go, the hotspot feature on an iPhone 8 can be a lifesaver. If you need to turn on hotspot on your iPhone 8, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Settings

The first step to turn on hotspot on your iPhone 8 is to open the “Settings” app. This is where you can access all your phone settings.

Step 2: Tap on Personal Hotspot

Once you’re in the Settings menu, you should see a list of options. Scroll down until you see “Personal Hotspot” and tap on it.

Step 3: Turn on Personal Hotspot

On the next page, you can turn on your personal hotspot by simply flipping the toggle switch to the right. You’ll know it’s on when the switch turns green.

iPhone 8 hotspot settings

Step 4: Set up Wi-Fi Password

Once you turn on your hotspot, you can set up a Wi-Fi password to protect your connection. To do this, simply tap on “Wi-Fi Password” and enter a password of your choice.

Step 5: Connect to Your Hotspot

Now that your hotspot is on, you can connect to it with another device. You can do this by going to the Wi-Fi settings on the device you want to connect and finding your hotspot name. Simply tap on it and enter the password you set up in step 4.

Final Thoughts

Turning on the hotspot on your iPhone 8 is a straightforward process that only takes a few seconds. With it, you can share your internet connection with other devices and stay connected on the go.

Many of us are familiar with the convenience of having a Wi-Fi hotspot enabled on our devices. For those with an iPhone 8, the task of activating a personal Wi-Fi hotspot can be accomplished quickly and with ease. To get started, here are the steps needed to turn on a Wi-Fi hotspot:

Step 1: Go to your phone’s settings by tapping on the settings app.

Step 2: Tap on Cellular.

Step 3: Tap Personal Hotspot.

Step 4: Turn on Personal Hotspot.

Step 5: You can now view the Wi-Fi password for your hotspot.

Step 6: Connect your device or laptop to the new Wi-Fi network.

Once you have successfully completed the steps above, you will now be able to browse the internet from your device or laptop with the use of the Wi-Fi hotspot created from your iPhone 8. Depending on your plan and carrier, you will be able to share your connections with up to five devices at once.

A personal Wi-Fi hotspot is a great option for people who travel frequently as it allows them to take their connection with them wherever they go. This is especially valuable for people who need to access the internet for business, leisure, or research while on the go. Having a Personal hotspot on your iPhone 8 not only keeps you connected when you are away from home, but is also a convenient way to share your internet connection with others.

In summary, activating a personal Wi-Fi hotspot on an iPhone 8 is simple and straightforward. All that is required is to follow the instructions outlined above and you will be able to create your own Wi-Fi hotspot to access the internet wherever you are.

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