how to turn off auto turn off on iphone


How do I know if auto turn off is already turned off on my iPhone?

How to turn off auto turn off on iPhone

Auto turn off is a feature on iPhones that automatically shuts down your device after a certain period of inactivity. While this feature is helpful in conserving your battery life, it can be frustrating when you’re in the middle of an important task and your device turns off on its own. Fortunately, you can easily turn off auto turn off on your iPhone by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Open the Settings app

Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone. This app is represented by a gear icon and can be found on your home screen.

Step 2: Select General

From the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the option for “General”. Tap on this option to proceed.

Step 3: Select Auto-Lock

Under “General”, you’ll find a number of options related to your device’s settings. Look for the option for “Auto-Lock” and select it.

Step 4: Turn off Auto-Lock

Once you’ve selected Auto-Lock, you’ll see several options for how long you’d like your device to stay active before it automatically turns off. To turn off auto turn off completely, select “Never”. This will disable the auto turn off feature completely.

Step 5: Save your changes

After you’ve made your desired changes to your auto turn off settings, make sure to save your changes by tapping “Save” at the bottom of the screen. Your iPhone will now remain active for as long as you use it, and will not automatically turn off on its own.

Turning off auto turn off on your iPhone is a simple process that can greatly improve your user experience. Whether you’re working on an important task, streaming a movie, or just browsing social media, you won’t have to worry about your device shutting down unexpectedly. Follow these five easy steps to disable this feature today.

The auto turn off feature on the iPhone is a useful setting to help conserve battery power. However, there are certain times when you may want to temporarily turn this feature off. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to turn off auto turn off on the iPhone.

1. On your iPhone, go to the main settings page.

2. Tap on the “Display & Brightness” option.

3. Scroll down to the “Auto-Lock” setting and tap on it.

4. A new menu will appear with your auto turn-off options.

5. Select the “Never” option to turn off the auto turn off feature.

6. Tap on the “Done” button at the top of the menu to confirm your selection.

That’s it! You have now successfully turned off auto turn off on your iPhone. To turn it on again, follow the same steps and select a different Auto-Lock option from the menu. It is recommended that you only turn off auto turn off when necessary, as it can drain your battery’s power.

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