how to track an iphone without someone knowing


How can one set up tracking of an iphone without the owner knowing?

Tracking an iPhone without someone knowing is not a feature available on iOS. However, there are various apps and techniques you can use to track an iPhone without someone knowing. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective and straightforward methods.

1. Using Find My app:

If the person you want to track has enabled Find My app on their iPhone, you can easily track their device without them knowing. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

– On your iPhone, open the Find My app.
– Sign in with the Apple ID of the person you want to track.
– From the list of devices, select the iPhone you want to track.
– You will see the location of the device on a map.

2. Using Spy Apps:

Another way to track an iPhone without someone knowing is by using spy apps such as mSpy, FlexiSpy, and Highster Mobile, among others. These apps allow you to track the device activities, including call logs, text messages, social media activity, and GPS location. The catch with spy apps is that you need to install them on the device you want to track. For iPhones, you need physical access to the device for installation, which might not always be possible.

3. Monitoring iCloud Backups:

iCloud backups can also provide a way to track the activities on an iPhone without someone knowing. With iCloud backups, you can access the data on the device, including photos, messages, and calls, among others. The catch with this method is that the device must have enabled iCloud backups. To access the iCloud backups, you need to follow these steps:

– Sign in to iCloud using the Apple ID of the person you want to track.
– Go to Settings > iCloud > Backup.
– Check the backup status to ensure that it is completed.
– Click on Manage Storage to access the device backups.
– Select the device to see the data available.

4. Using Google Timeline:

Google Timeline is a free feature that allows you to track the location of a device associated with a Google account. To use Google Timeline, you need to follow these steps:

– Go to Google Maps and sign in with the Google account associated with the iPhone.
– Click on the Menu icon and select Your Timeline from the list.
– You will see the device location history with details such as date and time.

In conclusion, tracking an iPhone without someone knowing is possible through various ways, including using Find My app, spy apps, monitoring iCloud backups, and Google Timeline. However, it’s essential to consider the legal and ethical implications of tracking someone’s device without their knowledge or consent. Only use these techniques if you have a valid reason and are not infringing on anyone’s privacy.

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