how to slow down slideshow on iphone


How do you access the slideshow speed settings on an iPhone?

How to Slow Down Slideshow on iPhone

How to Slow Down Slideshow on iPhone

Slideshows are a great way to display your memories, but sometimes the pace can be a little too fast. If you’re wondering how to slow down the slideshow on your iPhone, you’re in luck – it’s a simple process.

Step 1: Open the Photos App

The first step is to open the Photos app on your iPhone. You can do this by tapping on the Photos icon on your home screen.

Photos App Icon on iPhone

Step 2: Select the Album

Once you’ve opened the Photos app, you’ll need to select the album that contains the photos you want to use in your slideshow. You can select an existing album, or create a new one if needed.

Selecting a Photo Album on iPhone

Step 3: Create the Slideshow

Next, you’ll need to create the slideshow. To do this, tap on the “Select” button in the top right corner of the screen, then choose the photos you want to use in the slideshow. Once you’ve selected the photos, tap on the “Share” button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Select Photos on iPhone

Step 4: Adjust the Slideshow Settings

After tapping the “Share” button, a menu will appear. From here, tap on the “Slideshow” option. This will open the slideshow settings, where you can adjust the slideshow speed.

Slideshow Menu on iPhone

Step 5: Adjust the Slideshow Speed

Finally, to slow down the slideshow on your iPhone, you need to adjust the slideshow speed. You can select from various speeds ranging from slow to fast. Simply swipe left or right on the slider to change the speed. Remember to preview the slideshow to ensure it’s at the desired pace.

Adjusting Slideshow Speed on iPhone


Slowing down a slideshow on your iPhone is a simple process. By following the above steps, you can adjust the speed of your slideshow with ease. Remember to experiment with different speeds until you get the desired results.

Slowing down a slideshow of images on the iPhone may be desired to take the time to appreciate the photos or to sync the progression to some music or other background noise. To anyone unfamiliar with the process, the task may seem daunting. However, slowing down a slideshow is a simple process if the correct steps are followed.

The first step to slow down a slideshow on the iPhone is to go into the photos application that comes pre-installed on most versions of the iPhone. Once the application is open, select the moment or album of images from which the slideshow needs to be slowed down. After you have selected the desired moments or album, click the “play button” located on the lower, left side of the screen. This will prompt a slideshow with a certain speed that is pre-programmed.

The second step is to click the options slide icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will uncover options such as turning on live photos, changing the music, and customizing the duration of each slide. To slow down the slideshow, simply adjust the duration of each slide by using the little dot which will represent the speed of the slide’s progression. Furthermore, this little dot can also be moved to the left, to speed it back up again.

Once the desired speed has been achieved, press the back icon in the lower left corner of the screen. This will take the user back to the previous page and now when the play icon is pressed, the slideshow will be set at the designated speed.

In conclusion, slowing down a slideshow of images on the iPhone is a simple process that can be done within a few clicks and taps. All it requires is being familiar with the Photos application and its features.

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