how to set up hotspot on iphone 12


What are the security features available on an iPhone 12 when setting up a hotspot?

How to Set Up Hotspot on iPhone 12: Step-by-Step Guide

Do you want to share your iPhone’s internet connection with other devices? Setting up a hotspot on iPhone 12 is easy and can be done in just a few steps. In this article, we will guide you on how to set up hotspot on iPhone 12.

Step 1: Check if your carrier supports hotspot

Before setting up a hotspot on your iPhone 12, make sure that your carrier supports it. Some carriers may charge extra for using a hotspot, or it might not be available at all. Therefore, it is essential to check with your carrier if hotspot service is available on your data plan.

Step 2: Turn on Personal Hotspot on iPhone 12

The first step to setting up a hotspot on an iPhone is to turn on the Personal Hotspot feature. To do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone 12.
  2. Tap on “Mobile Data.”
  3. Tap on “Personal Hotspot.”
  4. Toggle the switch on next to “Allow Others to Join.”

Once you enable the Personal Hotspot feature, you can set a Wi-Fi password to secure your hotspot. This step is crucial to prevent others from connecting to your personal hotspot without your permission.

Step 3: Connect Other Devices to the Hotspot

After setting up a hotspot, you can connect other devices to it. Here’s how:

  1. On the device you want to connect to, go to Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Find the name of your iPhone’s hotspot under the list of available Wi-Fi networks.
  3. Enter the Wi-Fi password you set up for your hotspot.
  4. Wait for the device to connect to the hotspot.

That’s it! You can now use your iPhone 12’s internet connection on other devices that support Wi-Fi connectivity.


Setting up a hotspot on iPhone 12 is easy and straightforward. With the help of this step-by-step guide, you can quickly turn on the Personal Hotspot feature and connect other devices to your iPhone’s internet connection. However, make sure to check with your carrier if hotspot service is included in your data plan or if there are any additional charges.

With the iPhone 12, it is now easier than ever to set up a personal Hotspot and share your internet connection with other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Whether you’re traveling and need to connect multiple devices or just want to share your connection with friends and family, setting up a Hotspot on your iPhone 12 is a breeze. Here’s how you can do it.

First, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone 12 and select the option “Personal Hotspot.” The next step is to set up a password that will act as the authentication for any devices that want to use your Hotspot. Make sure you create a secure password that’s not easy to guess.

Once you’ve created your Hotspot password, you’ll need to decide which type of network connection you want to share. Your iPhone 12 will usually default to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but you can also enable USB connections or Ethernet sharing if you want. Once you’ve enabled the networks you want to share, your Hotspot is ready.

You can now connect devices to your Hotspot. All you need to do is ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled on the device you want to connect and then search for the network name you created for your Hotspot. Once it appears, connect to the network and you’re good to go.

More advanced settings can be accessed through the Personal Hotspot settings menu. Here, you can easily toggle on and off sharing your connection with other devices, and also manage which devices are currently connected. If you want to add any newly connected devices to a list of trusted devices, you can do that as well – a useful feature if you plan on using your Hotspot often.

Setting up Hotspot on an iPhone 12 couldn’t be simpler. With just a few taps and some secure password creation, you can quickly and easily share your internet connection with other devices.

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