how to send text blast from iphone


How secure is the process of sending text blasts from an iPhone?

How to Send Text Blast from iPhone

Sending a Text Blast to a group of people is a great way to get your message out quickly and effectively. With an iPhone, the process is simple and easy. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of sending a Text Blast from your iPhone.

Step 1: Create a Group in your Contacts

The first step is to create a group in your Contacts app. Open the Contacts app on your iPhone and select the “+” button to create a new contact. From the new contact screen, select “New Group.” Give the group a name and add the contacts you want to include in the group by tapping on “+Add Contact.”

Creating a new group in iPhone’s Contacts app

Step 2: Compose the Message

Once you have created the group, open the Messages app and tap on the “New Message” button. In the recipient field, start typing the name of the group you just created. The group name should appear in the results. Tap on the name to select it.

Composing a new message and selecting a group in iPhone’s Messages app

Next, compose the message you want to send to the group. You can type a message or add an attachment. Once your message is ready, tap on the “Send” button.

Step 3: Send the Text Blast

The final step is to send the Text Blast. After tapping on the “Send” button, your message will be sent to everyone in the group. You can confirm that the message was sent successfully by checking the “Delivered” or “Read” status next to each recipient’s name.

Sent message with delivered status to a group in iPhone’s Messages app


Sending a Text Blast from your iPhone is a quick and efficient way to get your message out to a group of people. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can easily create a group in your contacts, compose your message, and send it to everyone in the group. Happy texting!

Text blasts are an effective marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Sending text blasts from an iPhone is a quick and simple way to send mass messages to customers. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to send text blasts from an iPhone.

Step 1: Download an SMS blasting app

The first step in sending a text blast from an iPhone is to find an appropriate SMS blasting app. There are several available at the App Store, including BulkSMS, Textedly, and Textlocal. Choose the app that best suits your needs and download it from the App Store.

Step 2: Create an account

Once you have the app downloaded to your iPhone, you’ll need to create an account. This process typically involves entering in personal information such as your name, email address, and credit card details.

Step 3: Add contacts

Once you have your account set up, you’ll need to add your contacts to the app. You can do this manually by entering in each contact’s phone number or you can import contacts from your address book.

Step 4: Compose the message

Once you’ve added your contacts, you can compose the message that you want to send. The app will provide options for personalizing the message with a name or other information. You can also attach images, videos, and other documents to the message.

Step 5: Send the text blast

When you’re satisfied with the message, you can send the text blast. You can send the blast to all of your contacts at once or send them in batches.

Sending a text blast from an iPhone is a quick and easy way to reach large numbers of people with a single message. With the right app and a few simple steps, you can be up and running in no time.

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