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Is there a timeline feature to help locate old Kik messages on an iPhone?

How to See Old Kik Messages on iPhone

Kik Messenger is a popular instant messaging app that is used by millions of people worldwide. This app allows users to send messages, photos, videos, and more. Sometimes, you may want to view old Kik messages on your iPhone. However, it might seem impossible to do so, especially if you have deleted the conversation. Nevertheless, there are ways to retrieve those old messages. Here’s how:

Method One: Backup Your Kik Chat History

The easiest way to view old Kik messages is by creating a backup of your Kik chat history. By doing so, you can easily access your old conversations whenever you want. Follow these simple steps to backup your Kik chat history:

  1. Launch the Kik app on your iPhone
  2. Go to Settings > Your Account > Chat Backup
  3. Enable the chat backup feature
  4. Click on Backup Now

Once the backup process is complete, your chat history will be saved on your device or on your cloud storage service, depending on your settings. You can then restore your backup whenever you like. Here’s how:

  1. Uninstall the Kik app from your iPhone
  2. Download Kik from the App Store and open it
  3. Skip the login process
  4. Tap on Restore Backup
  5. Enter your Kik credentials
  6. Select the backup file that you want to restore
  7. Click on Restore

Your old Kik messages will now be restored, and you can read them comfortably.

Method Two: Recover Deleted Kik Messages on iPhone

If you have accidentally deleted your Kik messages, you can still recover them. Follow these simple steps to retrieve your deleted messages:

  1. Launch the iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery software on your computer
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer
  3. Select “Recover from iOS Device” mode and click “Start”
  4. Select the file type “Kik”
  5. Click “Scan”
  6. The software will scan your phone for the deleted Kik messages
  7. Select the messages you want to recover
  8. Click “Recover” to retrieve your deleted Kik messages

Once the recovery process is complete, you can access your old Kik messages from the software. You can also export the messages to your computer if you want to keep a hard copy of them.


Retrieving old Kik messages on iPhone might seem like a daunting task, but it is possible. By simply creating a backup of your chat history or using a recovery software tool, you can view your old conversations with ease. So, go ahead and try these methods today and reunite with those lost Kik messages!

When it comes to messaging, iPhone’s popular Kik messaging app allows users to interact quickly and easily. However, while getting in touch with friends and family might be easy, figuring out how to view the old messages could seem daunting. Luckily, it is possible to view old Kik messages on an iPhone with a few, simple steps.

First, open the Kik App on your iPhone. Second, tap the name of the person with whom you want to view a conversation. Third, tap the Chat History tab. This will open a window with all of the conversation history from the start. This window also contains all previously sent and received messages, as well as any attached images. Finally, simply scroll through the conversation to view the old messages.

If you need to return to the main conversations list, simply tap on the back arrow in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

With these steps, it is now possible to easily view past messages on the Kik app on iPhone. With this knowledge, you can now easily keep up with old conversations.

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