how to see everything on someone’s iphone


Is there an app I can use to monitor all activity on someone’s iPhone?

Article Title: How to See Everything on Someone’s iPhone – The Ultimate Guide

iPhones are an integral part of modern life, and they contain plenty of sensitive information belonging to their owners. The privacy of each individual is important and should be respected. However, there may be some instances where it is necessary to monitor someone else’s iPhone usage, such as ensuring the safety of a minor or monitoring the device usage of an employee. In such cases, knowing how to see everything on someone’s iPhone can be useful. This article presents the ultimate guide to accessing someone’s iPhone data, texts, social media accounts, and more.

Part 1: Physical Access to the iPhone

If you have physical access to the iPhone, you can easily view most of the data by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings > iCloud > Sign in using the Apple ID and password of the phone owner.

Step 2: Ensure the iCloud backup option is activated.

Step 3: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Step 4: Follow the prompts to erase the phone, and then restore it from the iCloud backup.

Part 2: Monitoring via iCloud Account

If you don’t have the physical device, you can still monitor most of the iPhone activity by logging in to the iCloud account associated with the device. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Go to on your computer or phone and log in using the owner’s Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Once in the dashboard, you can choose from the various categories such as photos, contacts, mails, etc.

Step 3: You can view text messages by selecting the Messages section.

Step 4: The user’s call history can also be found under the Call Logs section.

Part 3: Monitoring Social Media Accounts

Many people use social media on their iPhones, so monitoring these apps can provide comprehensive access to the device owner’s online activity. Below are the steps for monitoring various social media apps:

Monitoring Facebook Account: Use the account recovery option on Facebook’s login page. You can either click ‘Forgot Password” and follow the steps or click on the “Need Help?” link.

Monitoring Twitter Account: Like Facebook, Twitter account recovery allows you to reset the password by entering email addresses or phone numbers linked to the account.

Instagram Monitoring: One way to monitor the Instagram account is to search for the @username of the account you want to monitor, then click the “Forgot Password” link, and follow the prompts.

Snapchat Monitoring: To monitor Snapchat data, you can try to gain access to the owner’s email address that is used to open the account. You can reset the password through the account recovery page.

Part 4: Using Monitoring Applications

Using monitoring applications is the easiest way to monitor someone’s iPhone usage. Many apps can be downloaded and installed on the device to provide comprehensive access. Below are some popular monitoring applications:

mSpy: It’s a top-rated monitoring application that offers comprehensive monitoring of the device, including calls monitoring, location tracking and social media access.

Flexispy: Another popular monitoring application, it provides GPS monitoring, access to browsing history, and social media activity.

Mobile-Spy: This monitoring application supports remote access, offering access to installed apps, web browsing history, location tracking, call and messaging logs.


Knowing how to monitor or see everything on someone’s iPhone carries a high degree of responsibility and cannot be assumed for purposes beyond valid monitoring activities. It is important to ensure that you have the legal right to monitor an iPhone’s data as misuse of such technologies could violate privacy laws. It’s recommended to take advantage of monitoring applications to keep your kids and employees safe, rather than invading their privacy.

In today’s world, the iPhone is a highly popular smart device. Whether for personal or professional use, iPhones are used for a variety of reasons, allowing users to connect with friends, family, work colleagues and other contacts. Regardless of their use, an iPhone can function as a personal diary and can contain a vast amount of information. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to see everything on someone’s iPhone.

1. Connect the iPhone to the computer: To begin, you will need to connect the iPhone to your computer via the USB port or the iPhone’s Lightning port on the bottom of the device.

2. Download and install software: After connecting the phone, you will need to download and install the latest version of iTunes fixer. This is an essential part of the process.

3. Open iTunes Fixer: After downloading and installing the software, open the program. Once opened, the program will create a backup of the connected phone on the computer.

4. Additional information: iTunes fixer brings up additional information which is stored on the iPhone. This includes contacts, images, messages, emails, and other data.

5. Click on the “all data” option: Once the backup is complete, you can see all the data on the phone. Select the “all data” option in the fixer window which will show you a comprehensive overview of all the data stored on the phone.

6. Scan and sync: Finally, you can scan for any suspicious activity that has been done on the phone. You can also sync other devices to the phone and their data will show up in the fixer window.

By following these steps, you can easily see everything stored on someone’s iPhone. This is a great way to know what the person is up to and to make sure you’re aware of any suspicious activity. Knowing what someone has been doing on their phone is essential in today’s digital world.

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