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What are the minimum system requirements for screen sharing Netflix on an iPhone Facetime call?

How To Screen Share Netflix on iPhone FaceTime

What’s better than watching your favorite show or movie on Netflix? Watching it with your pals! Thanks to the magic of technology, you can now screen share Netflix on your iPhone, a feature that is especially helpful during these socially distant times. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to screen share Netflix on iPhone FaceTime.

Step 1: Select the Show/Movie you want to share

On your iPhone, open the Netflix app and select the show or movie you want to watch with your friend. Once you have selected what you want to watch, pause the show or movie.

Step 2: Launch FaceTime

Go to your home screen and launch the FaceTime app. Once you have launched the app, choose the contact with whom you would like to watch the show or movie. Then tap on the FaceTime Audio or Video button depending on whether you want to have a voice or video call with your friend.

Step 3: Enable Screen Sharing

Once you are connected with your friend, use your fingers to swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen to reveal the Control Center. In the Control Center, find the Screen Mirroring button and tap it to open. A list of available devices will appear on your screen. Find your friend’s device and tap it to enable screen sharing.

Step 4: Start the Show/Movie and Enjoy!

Now that you have successfully enabled screen sharing, go back to the Netflix app and press play on the movie or show that you want to watch with your friend. You will both be able to see and hear the content as it plays, while also being able to talk to each other through FaceTime’s audio or video capabilities.

Screen sharing Netflix on iPhone FaceTime is a fun and easy way to watch your favorite shows and movies with your friends even when you are physically apart. So, grab your snacks and enjoy Netflix with your friends via iPhone FaceTime!

With the advancements in technology, it is now easier than ever to share your Netflix account with friends and family. Through the use of FaceTime technology on your Apple iPhone, you can now create a virtual movie night experience. Screen sharing is a great way to stay connected, even if you’re apart.

To get started on your next virtual movie night, here’s how to screen share Netflix on your iPhone FaceTime.

First, log into your Netflix account on your iPhone. Once you’ve logged in, search for the movie or show that you want to share and tap the play button.

Second, tap the AirPlay icon located at the top of the playback window and select “Add People” to choose who you would like to share your screen with.

Third, select “FaceTime” as your screen sharing option and enter the email addresses of the contacts that you would like to share with.

Fourth, once your contacts have confirmed that they would like to join your screen share session, the video that you selected will be displayed on their devices. All parties that have joined the session will be able to control the video via their iPhone’s built-in remote control.

Finally, in order to ensure that your virtual movie night goes uninterrupted, all participants should keep their device at least 6 ft away from any other device and Wi-Fi network for optimal signal strength.

That’s it! You’re now ready for your virtual movie night. Whether it’s a family movie night, a date night with a significant other, or just an excuse to catch up with friends, screen sharing your Netflix account with FaceTime is a great way to stay connected and entertained. So, turn on the latest hit movie or binge watch your favorite show and enjoy your extra long, uninterrupted movie night.

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