how to scan nfc chip on iphone


What are the benefits of scanning an NFC chip on an iPhone?

How to Scan NFC Chip on iPhone: A Complete Guide

If you own an iPhone, you may have heard of NFC technology. NFC stands for “Near Field Communication,” and it allows two devices to communicate with each other when they are brought into close proximity. The technology is widely used for contactless payment systems, but it also has many other use cases.

One of the most common questions that iPhone users have is how to scan an NFC chip. In this article, we will go over the steps you need to take to scan an NFC chip on your iPhone.

Step 1: Check Your iPhone Compatibility

Not all iPhones have NFC capabilities. To scan an NFC chip, you need an iPhone 7 or later running iOS 11 or later. If you have an older iPhone or an older version of iOS, you will not be able to use NFC.

Step 2: Turn on NFC

Once you have confirmed that your iPhone is compatible with NFC technology, you need to turn it on. Go to “Settings” and tap “General.” Scroll down to “NFC Reader Mode” and toggle the switch to on.

Step 3: Locate the NFC Chip

To scan an NFC chip, you need to know where it is located. An NFC chip can be found on many products, such as posters, business cards, and product packaging. The NFC chip will be marked with an NFC logo.

Step 4: Scan the NFC Chip

Once you have located the NFC chip, simply hold the top edge of your iPhone (iPhone 7 or later) near the chip. The NFC chip should be located near the top edge of your iPhone. Your iPhone will recognize the NFC chip, and a popup notification will appear on your screen.

Step 5: Interact with the Content

Once you have scanned the NFC chip, you can interact with the content that it contains. The type of content will vary depending on what the NFC chip has been programmed to do. For example, if you scan an NFC chip on a business card, it may open the person’s contact information in your phonebook.


NFC technology has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it is now widely used for contactless payment systems, access control, and more. If you have an iPhone 7 or later, you can easily scan an NFC chip by following the steps outlined in this article. Just make sure to turn on NFC in your phone’s settings and locate the NFC chip before scanning it.

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