how to run norton scan on iphone


What are the security risks associated with not running Norton scans on my iPhone?

How to Run Norton Scan on iPhone

As technology has become more advanced, using smartphones for personal and professional purposes has become more popular. However, while the smartphones have helped make life easier, they also pose a serious security threat. Viruses and malware can easily infect your iPhone and can cause significant damage to your device. In this article, we’re going to guide you on how to run Norton Scan on iPhone to protect it.

Norton Scan is a customized security software program that you can install on your iPhone. It is designed to provide your device with real-time protection from malware, viruses, and other online threats.

Here are the steps to run Norton Scan on your iPhone:

Step 1: Download and Install Norton Security App

The first thing you need to do is download and install the Norton Mobile Security app on your iPhone. You can download it from the App Store. Once you download and install the app, launch it on your device.

Step 2: Set Up the Norton App

In order to use the Norton App, you need to set it up first. Create a Norton account or login with your existing one, if you already have one. The next step is to add your device to the Norton App.

Step 3: Run the Norton Scan

After adding your device to the Norton App, it’s time to run a scan. To do this, select the “Scan Now” option and wait for the app to finish the scan process. The app will scan your iPhone for viruses, malware, and other security threats that might be lurking on your device.

Step 4: Check Scan Results

After the Norton Scan is complete, you will be shown the results. If any threat is detected, the app will take action to remove it. You can also manually remove any threats that you feel the app may have missed.

Step 5: Keep the App Running

To ensure that your iPhone is always protected from online threats, it is recommended that you keep the Norton App running in the background. This way, it can detect and remove any threats that might try to infect your device.

In conclusion, running Norton Scan on your iPhone is an essential step you should take to protect your device. By following the above steps, you can install the Norton Mobile Security app, perform scans of your device and keep your device safe. Stay vigilant against online threats and keep your iPhone secure.

With the emergence of smart phones and the high usage of them, the chances of malware and viruses entering our phones have also increased. To ensure that your data stays secure, it is important to use a reliable antivirus software and run periodic scans on your phones. Norton is one such software that offers complete protection for your iPhone against malware and virus threats. This article explores the steps for running a Norton scan on an iPhone.

Firstly, it is necessary to download the Norton app from the App store. Once you have installed the Norton app, open it and sign in with the credentials from your Norton account. Then from the homepage of the Norton app, select “Scan,” and your device will be scanned for any threats.

You can keep certain file types from being scanned by going into the settings of the app and choosing “Scan Options.” From there, you have the option to include or exclude certain file types, such as music, documents, videos, images, etc.

If malwares or viruses are found, the app will list them and you can select which of those you want to remove. In some cases, it may note that the threat has been auto-removed and then you have the options of allowing the remaining two actions to take place automatically or manually.

There are other settings which you can adjust such as the frequency of automatic scans, or adding your Wi-Fi networks to the trusted list.

If you have any feedback or questions, the Norton app also offers a feedback option as well as a help center where you can find a list of frequently asked questions.

Using a reliable antivirus software is essential to protect your data and your device from virus and malware threats. With Norton, you can scan your iPhone for threats easily and adjust the requirements according to your needs.

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