how to remove a stripped screw from an iphone


Can a heat gun be used to expand the area around the stripped screw to loosen and remove it?

How to Remove a Stripped Screw from an iPhone

Dealing with a stripped screw on your iPhone can be a frustrating experience, especially if you don’t have the right tools or skills to remove it. However, don’t worry, it’s still possible to remove that pesky stripped screw from your iPhone and start enjoying your device like you should. Below are some effective methods to remove a stripped screw from an iPhone.

1. Consider using a rubber band:

This is one of the easiest ways to remove a stripped screw from an iPhone. Simply place a rubber band over the stripped screw and apply some pressure using a screwdriver. The rubber band will give you a better grip on the screw, enabling you to unscrew it with ease.

2. Use a Screw Extractor:

A screw extractor is a small tool that can be used to remove stubborn screws. It’s often sold in a set of various sizes to fit any screw size. Simply drill the extractor into the center of the screw and it should come right out. Be careful not to apply too much force as it may cause more damage to your device.

3. Apply some heat:

You can also try applying some heat to the stripped screw to expand the metal and loosen the screw, making it easier to remove. Use a heat gun or hairdryer to heat up the screw for a few minutes before trying to remove it. Be very careful not to damage your iPhone in the process.

4. Use Superglue:

Another effective method to remove a stripped screw is to use a drop of superglue on the tip of the screwdriver and insert it into the screw. Allow the glue to dry before trying to remove the screw. The glue should have hardened and created a bridge between the stripped screw and the screwdriver, allowing you to unscrew it with ease.

5. Seek professional help:

If none of the above methods work, it’s best to take your iPhone to a professional technician who has the necessary tools and experience to remove the stripped screw without damaging your device. Trying to remove the screw by force may cause more damage to your device and could cost you more in the long run.


A stripped screw on an iPhone can be frustrating, but it’s important to not give up hope. Try the methods mentioned above, and if all else fails, seek professional help. By following these tips, you should be able to remove the stripped screw from your iPhone and get back to enjoying your device in no time.

If you have an iPhone and need to remove a stripped screw, this article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to successfully do so. Having a stripped screw can lead to a number of frustrating issues, but fortunately there are a few simple techniques that you can use to get the job done.

The first attempt to get a stripped screw out of an iPhone is to use a screw extractor. These are relatively inexpensive tools that will easily fit into the head of a stripped screw and allow you to turn the screw out of the casing. Take your time when using a screw extractor, as they have a tendency to break when overused.

If the screw extractor doesn’t do the trick, your next effort should be to use a hot glue gun. Simply heat up the glue gun to a high temperature, then put a dab of hot glue on the stripped screw. Allow the hot glue to cool and harden, then usea flathead screwdriver to turn the screw out. Make sure to use appropriate force so that the screw will not strip any further.

If you don’t have a hot glue gun, you can still try to remove the stripped screw by using a bit of dental floss. Take a piece of dental floss and create a loop around the screws head. Rub the floss together to create friction and this will heat up the material and loosen the screws grip. Tighten and loosen the floss around the head of the screw and try to turn it out.

Finally, if all the above methods fail, you can try to drill out the screw from the casing. Using a drill bit slightly larger than the head of the screw, make a hole right into it. Be careful not to damage or break the casing. The screw should now be loose enough for you to be able to remove it.

Using these simple techniques, you can easily remove a stripped screw from an iPhone and have it good as new in no time. Just remember to use the appropriate tools for the job and apply the right amount of force, and you should have no problems getting the screw out!

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