how to rejoin a conversation on iphone


Is there an easier way to rejoin ongoing conversations on an iPhone?

How to Rejoin a Conversation on iPhone

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation on your iPhone and then get sidetracked by something else, only to come back and realize the conversation has moved forward without you? It can be tricky to catch up, especially if you’re not sure what was said while you were gone. But fear not, there are several ways to easily rejoin a conversation on your iPhone.

Method 1: Use the “Unread” feature in iMessage

If you’re using iMessage to chat with friends or colleagues, you can use the “Unread” feature to quickly catch up on what you missed. Simply open the iMessage thread you were in, and scroll down until you see the “Unread” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap the button, and you’ll be taken to the first message you haven’t read yet. From there, you can scroll up to see what was said while you were away.

Use the “Unread” feature in iMessage to catch up on what you missed.

Method 2: Ask for a recap

If you’re in a group chat or conversation, don’t be afraid to ask for a quick recap of what was said while you were gone. Simply send a message saying something like “Hey, I had to step away for a minute. What did I miss?” This not only helps you catch up on the conversation, but it also lets your friends or colleagues know that you’re still engaged and interested in what they have to say.

Method 3: Check for notifications

If you have notifications enabled for the messaging app you’re using, you may have already gotten a preview of what you missed. Check your lock screen or notification center to see if there are any messages or alerts related to the conversation you were in. If there are, simply tap the notification to jump back into the conversation.

Method 4: Use voice memos to catch up

If you don’t want to scroll through a long thread of messages to catch up on what you missed, consider using the voice memo feature on your iPhone to record a quick recap of what was said. Simply open the messaging app, start a new message, and tap the microphone icon to start recording. Once you’re done, you can send the voice memo to yourself or to the group to make sure everyone is up to speed.


Getting sidetracked during a conversation on your iPhone is easy, but catching up doesn’t have to be hard. With a few simple tricks and features, you can quickly rejoin a conversation and stay engaged with your friends and colleagues, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

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