how to recover my deleted videos on iphone


How can I ensure that my deleted videos will be recovered successfully?

How to Recover My Deleted Videos on iPhone

Did you accidentally delete a video on your iPhone and wanted it back desperately? Well, don’t worry because you can easily recover your deleted videos on iPhone with the help of several methods. Here, we have listed a few easy ways to help you retrieve your precious memories back.

Method 1: Check Recently Deleted Folder

The first and the easiest way to recover deleted videos on iPhone is to check the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. Go to your iPhone’s Photos app and tap on ‘Albums.’ Scroll down to the bottom and find the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. Tap on it and look for the video that you want to restore. Once located, tap on the ‘Recover’ button, and your video will be restored.

Method 2: Restore from iCloud Backup

If you have enabled iCloud backup on your iPhone, you can easily restore your deleted videos from there. To do this, go to ‘Settings,’ tap on your name, then select ‘iCloud.’ Now, tap on ‘Manage Storage’ and then ‘Backup.’ Find the latest backup file that contains the deleted video and then restore your iPhone from that backup.

Method 3: Use a Third-Party Data Recovery Tool

If the above two methods do not work, then the last resort to recover deleted videos on iPhone is to use third-party data recovery tools. There are several data recovery tools like EaseUS MobiSaver, iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery, Dr. Fone, etc. that can help you retrieve your lost data. These software tools are easy to use and come with simple instructions.


Accidentally deleting a video can be very frustrating, but there are ways to recover your precious memories. The ‘Recently Deleted’ folder is the first and easiest way to recover deleted videos on iPhone. If that doesn’t work, you can restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup. Lastly, if nothing seems to work, use a reliable third-party data recovery tool to retrieve your lost videos.

Retrieving deleted videos from an iPhone can be a challenging task for users if they don’t know where to look. There are numerous methods available to help users recover their videos, including restoring the phone to a previously backed-up version and troubleshooting the iPhone’s recovery mode. Below you will find a foolproof guide to recovering deleted iPhone videos.

The first step in recovering deleted videos on your iPhone is to connect the device to a computer and open iTunes. Once you’ve opened iTunes, select the ‘Restore Backup’ option and select the backup file that contains the deleted videos. If you don’t have a previous backup, you can create one by clicking ‘Back Up Now.’ After the backup is complete, click ‘Restore’ to restore your phone to the desired backup.

If you’re unable to recover your videos using iTunes, the next step is to put your phone into recovery mode. To enable recovery mode on your iPhone, hold down the home and sleep buttons simultaneously until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Once the logo has appeared, release the buttons and wait a few seconds. After a few seconds the ‘Connect to iTunes’ screen will appear. Connect your phone to a computer and open iTunes. Once your device is in recovery mode, click ‘Restore’ to reset your phone and try restoring it to a previously saved backup file.

The last method available for users to recover their deleted videos is to use a third-party video recovery software. There are numerous third-party recovery tools available that specialize in retrieving lost or deleted files from the iPhone. Before downloading a third-party program, it’s important to note that although some programs are free, others may charge a fee. Additionally, most third-party programs will require users to connect their iPhone to a computer to scan and recover the videos.

In conclusion, recovering deleted videos on an iPhone can be done by connecting the device to a computer and opening iTunes, enabling the iPhone’s recovery mode, or using a third-party video recovery software. Remember, if you have a backup, restoring the phone to its last saved version may be the quickest and easiest way to retrieve your videos.

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