how to recover deleted voicemails iphone


What safety measures need to be taken to ensure that voicemails cannot be deleted accidentally on an iPhone?

How to Recover Deleted Voicemails iPhone

Voicemails are often reminders of important events or milestones of one’s life. Losing them can be heartbreaking and stressful. But, don’t worry! In this article, we will guide you on how to recover deleted voicemails on your iPhone.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Voicemails from the Phone App

Follow these steps to recover deleted voicemails from the phone app:

  1. Open the Phone app on your iPhone.
  2. Click on Voicemail in the bottom right corner.
  3. Scroll down and select Deleted Messages (if it is available).
  4. Tap the voicemail you want to recover.
  5. Click on Recover to retrieve it.

Method 2: Recover Deleted Voicemails from iCloud

Follow these steps to recover deleted voicemails from iCloud:

  1. Go to on your computer and log in to your iCloud account.
  2. Click on Voice Memos or search for it in the search bar.
  3. Select the voicemail you want to recover.
  4. Click on Download to retrieve it.

Method 3: Use a Voicemail Recovery Tool

If the above methods do not work, you can use a third-party tool to recover your deleted voicemails. Some popular recovery tools are Tenorshare UltData, Dr. Fone, and iMyfone D-Back. With these tools, you can recover all types of data from your iPhone, including lost voicemails, messages, contacts, photos, and more.

Tips for Future

  • Regularly backup your iPhone data to iCloud or iTunes.
  • Avoid clicking “Delete All” messages or voicemails. Delete only selected items.
  • Enable call forwarding and get your voicemails in emails.


If you have accidentally deleted your voicemail messages, don’t panic! With the above methods, you can easily recover them. Choose the method that suits you best, and you’ll have your important voicemails back in no time. Additionally, follow the tips mentioned to avoid losing your data in the future.

Losing an important voicemail can be a very stressful experience, especially if the voicemail is important to you. Luckily, there are ways to recover deleted voicemails on your iPhone.

First, you can try retracing your steps by restoring your phone to the most recent backup. Open your iPhone’s settings and tap “General”. From there, select “Reset” and tap “Erase All Content and Settings”. This will delete all of your data and undo all of your recent changes. It’s important to note that this will cause you to lose any new data or changes that have occurred since the last time you backed up your phone. Keep this in mind as you’re restoring.

If a backup doesn’t exist or if the backup is older than the date the voicemail was deleted, you still may be able to recover the deleted voicemail. A number of voicemail recovery applications exist for use on the iPhone. These applications will scan through deleted data on your phone and try to find any deleted voicemails.

If the first (or even second) step doesn’t work, you can always try contacting your carrier’s customer service. Depending on the provider you use, customer service may be able to recover the deleted voicemail.

In conclusion, recovering deleted voicemails from an iPhone isn’t as hard as it may appear. You can start by restoring your phone to the most recent backup, and if that doesn’t work you can use a voicemail recovery app or contact customer service. You should be able to recover the deleted voicemail before long.

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