how to put call on hold iphone


What is the process for putting a call on hold on an iPhone?

How to put a call on hold on an iPhone?

Putting a call on hold is one of the basic features on a smartphone. Whether you want to attend to a different task or transfer the call to someone else, the hold feature can come in very handy. Here’s how to put a call on hold on an iPhone.

Step 1: Pick up the call

The first step is to pick up the call. You can do this by tapping the green phone icon when you receive the call or by swiping the green button when the phone is ringing. The call screen will be displayed with various buttons.

Step 2: Hold the call

To put the call on hold, you need to tap the ‘hold’ button on the call screen. The hold button is represented by a rectangular box with two horizontal lines. The button is located between the ‘mute’ and the ‘add call’ buttons on the call screen.

You can also put the call on hold by pressing the ‘sleep/wake’ button on your iPhone. This will put the call on hold automatically. When you are ready to continue with the call, you can press the ‘sleep/wake’ button again to resume the call.

Step 3: Retrieve the call

To retrieve the call from hold, tap the ‘hold’ button again. The call will instantly resume and you can continue with your conversation. In case you want to transfer the call, tap the ‘add call’ button and select the number of the person you want to transfer the call to. You can either have a conference call or transfer the call completely to the other person.


Putting a call on hold is a simple process that can come in very handy when using your iPhone. All you need to do is tap the ‘hold’ button or press the ‘sleep/wake’ button to put the call on hold. Retrieving the call from hold is equally simple. With these basic steps, you can now manage your calls effectively on your iPhone.

Everyone has faced interruptions during phone calls, whether it be a family member, friend or colleague. Fortunately, the latest iPhones offer the option to put a call on hold. Putting a call on hold is a convenient way to quickly respond to the interruption or attend to another task while maintaining the call. It also allows one to continue the call at a later time, without needing to start the conversation from the beginning.

If you want to put a call on hold using an iPhone, there are simple steps you must follow. First, simply press the “sleep/wake” button on the top of your phone. This will put the call in a state of limbo, allowing you the opportunity to take a break or tend to other tasks without disconnecting the call. The person on the other end of the line will hear silence or a constant signal tone until you return.

When you are ready to re-engage the call, press the “sleep/wake” button again and the call will start right where you left off. Keep in mind, however, that if you are using a cellular connection, your phone will stay connected to the current call while you are looking for another signal, such as when you enter a building with no cell signal.

If the call is initiated with Facetime, a video chat application available on all iPhones, the same procedure applies. Simply press the “sleep/wake” button of your iPhone and the video chat will be put on hold. As before, your connection will remain, allowing you to start the dialogue again at your convenience.

In conclusion, the latest iPhones make it easy to put a call on hold. All you need to do is press the “sleep/wake” button and you can take a break or take care of other tasks without disconnecting from the call. With this advancement, long conversations are no longer limited by interruptions.

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