how to open pub files on iphone

Pub files

What are the steps to open a .pub file on an iPhone?

How to Open Pub Files on iPhone: A Complete Guide

If you’ve received a document with a .pub file extension and you’re trying to figure out how to view it on your iPhone, don’t worry. This guide will teach you exactly how to open pub files on iPhone.

What is a .pub file?

A .pub file is a document created using Microsoft Publisher software. It’s used to create professional-looking publications such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials. However, the file format is not compatible with many other programs, including most mobile devices. So if you receive a .pub file on your iPhone, you may face difficulty opening it.

Options for Opening Pub Files on iPhone

Here are some options for opening .pub files on your iPhone:

  • Convert the file into a compatible format: The easiest way to open a pub file on your iPhone is by converting it into a format that can be read by your phone. There are many online conversion websites and software available that can help you convert the file. You can save the converted file in a format like PDF or JPEG, and then open it on your iPhone using an appropriate app like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple’s built-in app.
  • Use a third-party app: There are many third-party apps available on the App Store that can help you open .pub files on your iPhone. Some popular apps include CloudConvert, DocAS Lite, and File Viewer. These apps can help you convert the .pub file into a compatible format or allow you to view the file directly on your iPhone.
  • Use Microsoft Publisher for iPhone: If you have the latest version of Microsoft Publisher software installed on your iPhone, you can directly open the .pub file on your phone without the need for any conversion. However, this option may not work for everyone as the software can be expensive and may not be necessary for occasional use.


Opening .pub files on your iPhone is not as difficult as it may seem. You just need to know the right options and tools to use. We hope this guide has helped you understand how to open pub files on iPhone. Whether you choose to convert the file, use a third-party app, or install Microsoft Publisher on your phone, you can easily view and read the file on your iPhone.

In recent years, the number of iPhone users has significantly grown, and as such, many of these users are coming across a variety of different file types. One such file type is the ‘.pub’ file, which is a file associated with Microsoft Publisher, a publishing software. If you have an ‘.pub’ file on your iPhone and are unsure of how to open it, this article is here to help.

The first thing a user will need is a .pub file reader. There are several available from the App Store, including Apple’s own iBooks, Microsoft’s Word app, and Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. Download and install whichever of these apps you would like to use.

Once you have done this, open the application. You can either do this from the home screen, or by opening a different app, such as the Safari web browser, and following a link that will lead you to the file.

When you have found the ‘.pub’ file, select it, and the app should open it automatically. You can then make any necessary edits to the file, and save it back to your device for later viewing.

The ‘.pub’ file type is becoming increasingly popular as many people use it for a range of different file types, from newsletters to brochures. To make sure that you are able to open all of the ‘.pub’ files on your iPhone, make sure you have a compatible app that can read this file type. By following the steps above, you can successfully open and edit ‘.pub’ files on your iPhone.

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