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Are there any security risks associated with opening mp4 files on an iPhone?

How to Open MP4 on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

MP4 is a popular file format for videos, and chances are you may have encountered MP4 files while browsing through the internet or receiving them from friends or colleagues on your iPhone. However, opening MP4 files on your iPhone may sometimes be challenging without the right tools or knowledge.

If you are looking for ways to open MP4 files on your iPhone, this guide is for you. Here, we will walk you through the steps and highlight some tools that you can use to open MP4 files on your iPhone.

Step 1: Download a Third-Party Video Player App

Your iPhone comes with a default video player app, but it may not support all video file formats, including MP4. Hence, you need to download a third-party video player app that can support MP4 files.

You can choose from a range of video player apps available on the App Store, such as VLC, MX Player, Infuse, etc. Simply search for “video player” on the App Store, and you will find lots of options to choose from.

Step 2: Install the Video Player App and Launch It

Once you have downloaded the video player app of your choice, install it and launch it on your iPhone.

Step 3: Import the MP4 File into the Video Player App

To open the MP4 file, you need to import it into the video player app. Most video player apps allow you to do so in different ways, such as:

  • Browsing your device’s files and selecting the MP4 file.
  • Using the “open with” option and choosing the video player app.
  • Using the “share” option and selecting the video player app.

Choose the method that works best for you and import the MP4 file into the video player app.

Step 4: Play the MP4 File on the Video Player App

Once the MP4 file is imported into the video player app, you can start playing it. Simply click on the MP4 file within the video player app and enjoy the video.


Opening MP4 files on your iPhone can be a hassle, but by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily open MP4 files on your iPhone and enjoy your videos.

Remember to download a third-party video player app that can support the MP4 file format, import the MP4 file into the video player app, and play it smoothly.

Many people nowadays store their media content, like videos, on their iPhone. However, not everyone knows the right steps for playing a .MP4 file on an iPhone. MP4 is a widely used type of video format so it is important to understand how to get it to play correctly on your device. This article provides steps for you to properly open .MP4 files on your iPhone.

First, make sure the file is in the .MP4 format. Most Apple iPhones recognize this common type of file, but if the video is not in the correct format, it will not play. It is easy to convert the video if needed. There are a number of free programs available on the internet that can perform the necessary conversion.

The next step is to transfer the video to your iPhone. There are two ways to do this: via iTunes or with a cloud-based service. To transfer via iTunes, plug your iPhone into the computer via the USB cable provided. Open iTunes and select the “Movies” tab in the left column. Then drag and drop the MP4 file into the iTunes window and sync it with your iPhone.

If you would prefer to transfer the file via a cloud-service, there are several available. Some cloud-services which support MP4 files are Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud. Select the desired cloud-service, upload the MP4 file to it and then access the file via the cloud-service app on your iPhone.

Once the file has been transferred to your device, it is now ready to be viewed. To open the MP4 file on your iPhone, open the File app and select the video from the list of files. The video should begin playing automatically.

For those unfamiliar with how to open .MP4 files on iPhones, these steps are designed to make the process simple. It is important to ensure the file is in the correct format. Once the file is transferred to the iPhone, simply open the app which the file is stored on and the video should begin playing.

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