how to mirror iphone to ps5


What method is used to mirror an iPhone on a PS5?

If you’re an iPhone user who wants to display your device’s screen on a larger screen without using cables or any third-party apps, one of the best ways to do so is by mirroring your iPhone to your PlayStation 5 console. The PS5 is a powerful gaming console, but it can also be used as a media device, which means it can be used to display your iPhone’s screen.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to mirror your iPhone screen to your PS5 easily.

But before we proceed with the steps, it’s important to note that you need to have a PS5 console and an active Wi-Fi network to establish the connection between your iPhone and PS5.

Step 1: Turn on your PS5 Console
First, turn on your PS5 console and ensure it’s connected to your TV or monitor.

Step 2: Enable AirPlay on PS5
Go to the settings menu of your PS5 console and navigate to the “System” tab. Scroll down and select the “AirPlay and HomeKit” option. Toggle the “Enable AirPlay” button to turn on the feature. Also, note the “AirPlay Passcode” and keep it safe as you’ll need it in a later step.

Step 3: Enable screen mirroring on your iPhone
Swipe up to open the control center on your iPhone. Tap on the “Screen Mirroring” icon represented by two interconnected rectangles. This will show you a list of devices available for mirroring. Select your PS5 console from the list.

Step 4: Input the AirPlay Passcode
When prompted on your iPhone, enter the AirPlay Passcode you noted down in step 2 and tap “OK” to establish a connection.

Step 5: Start Mirroring your iPhone screen to PS5
Once the AirPlay connection is established, your iPhone screen should start mirroring on your PS5 screen immediately. You can now enjoy watching your movies, playing games or browsing the internet on a larger screen.

That’s all it takes! The steps are pretty simple, and you can mirror your iPhone screen to PS5 effortlessly. Mirroring your iPhone screen to PS5 is an excellent way to enjoy all the media content you have on your iPhone while sitting comfortably on your sofa. Whether you want to watch your favorite videos, play games, or browse the internet, the PS5 will expand your iPhone screen to a larger display with no lag or delay.

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