how to mirror iphone to macbook with usb


What type of USB cable is needed to mirror an iPhone to a Macbook?

How to Mirror iPhone to Macbook with USB

Have you ever needed to share your iPhone’s screen with your Macbook for a presentation, demo, or other purposes? If so, you’re in luck. While there are wireless options such as AirPlay and Bluetooth available, you may also connect your iPhone and MacBook via USB cable for a stable and reliable connection.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to mirror your iPhone’s screen to your Macbook using a USB cable:

Step 1: Check Your MacBook’s Operating System

Make sure your MacBook is running macOS Mojave 10.14 or a more recent version. Mirror Screen with USB on the MacBook requires this version or newer for the feature to work.

If you’re unsure about your MacBook’s operating system, click on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen, then click “About This Mac.” Your operating system version will be listed.

Step 2: Enable QuickTime Screen Recording Function

Open QuickTime Player on your MacBook, then go to File > New Screen Recording. You will see a small icon showing a record button that should include a down arrow. Click on that icon to expand the list of options.

Ensure that the microphone icon is not set to “mute” by clicking on it once to switch it on.

Next, click on “High” or “Maximum” for the quality options. You may pick either of these options, but higher quality will result in larger file sizes, so keep that in mind.

Step 3: Connect Your iPhone to Your MacBook with a USB Cable

Plugin your iPhone into your MacBook with a USB cable. You might be asked to “Trust” the computer. Click “Trust” or “Allow” to continue with the connection,

Step 4: Enable iPhone Screen Recording Function

Swipe up on your iPhone to bring up the Control Center.

Touch and hold on the “Screen Recording” icon, the screen recording icon looks like a little circle with a dot in the middle.

In the pop-up menu, choose “QuickTime Player” as the recording device.

Step 5: Mirror Your iPhone’s Screen to Macbook

Go back to QuickTime Player on your MacBook and click the red record button.

As soon as you click on the record button, QuickTime will start recording your iPhone’s display. You may see a black box appear with your iPhone’s display which is being recorded.

Keep in mind that everything being recorded is now visible in QuickTime Player. Therefore, any notifications, incoming calls, or text messages will be displayed on your MacBook


It’s now apparent that mirroring your iPhone to your MacBook using a USB cable is quick and easy. Remember, this method requires minimum preparation and gives you a stable and reliable connection. Simply follow the steps listed above, and you’ll be good to go!

Mirroring your iPhone to your Macbook is now easier than ever. With the right cable, you can easily show your iPhone display on your Macbook’s display. This allows you to view and use apps from the larger screen, which can be helpful with multitasking or for watching videos. Here’s how to do it.

1.Before you begin, make sure your iPhone and Macbook are connected via the same Wi-Fi connection.

2. Then, get a Lightning to USB-C cable and plug it into your iPhone.

3. On your Macbook, unzip the Macbook folder to find the “QuickTime Player” app. Open it.

4. Click ‘File.’ Then click ‘New Movie Recording.’

5. You’ll see a small arrow to the right of the record button. Click it and choose your iPhone from the drop-down menu

6. The iPhone screen will now display on your Macbook.

7. You can adjust the size of the iPhone display by clicking the tiny arrows on the video.

And that’s it! You can now mirror your iPhone to your Macbook with ease. This is a great way to use your apps or watch videos on the bigger display. Just be sure to disconnect the iPhone when you’re done, otherwise the Macbook battery will drain quickly.

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