how to make a video go backwards on iphone


What app should be downloaded to make a video go backwards on an iPhone?

How to Make a Video Go Backwards on iPhone

Do you want to make your videos stand out on social media and impress your friends? Then, learning how to make a video go backwards on iPhone is an excellent way to add a fun and creative element to your media content.

Fortunately, this is a simple process, and the iPhone includes a built-in feature that makes it easy for you to reverse your videos without the need for any third-party apps. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps and show you how to make a video go backwards on your iPhone effortlessly.

Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Launch the Camera app

The first step is to launch the built-in Camera app on your iPhone. Depending on your device’s model, you can do this by swiping left or right from the lock screen or by tapping the Camera app icon on your home screen.

Step 2: Switch to Video mode

After launching the Camera app, you’ll need to switch to Video mode. This can be found at the bottom of your screen, and it looks like a small red circle icon with a white center.

Step 3: Start recording your video

Once you’re in Video mode, you can begin recording your video. To do this, tap the red circle icon facing the person, object, or scene you want to record.

Step 4: Reverse your video

After recording your video, you’ll need to reverse it. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open Photos on your iPhone and select the video you want to reverse.

2. Tap Edit.

3. At the bottom left, there’s a series of three circles. Tap this, and it will reveal a menu of editing options.

4. Select the option that reads ‘Replay’ with a left arrow icon. This will reverse your video.

5. Once you’re satisfied with the reversed video, tap Save, and it will overwrite the original video.

Step 5: Share your reversed video

After reversing your video, you can now share it with your social media friends or family. Select the video, tap the share icon, and choose your preferred platform for sharing.


In conclusion, making a video go backwards on iPhone is a great way to add a fun and creative touch to your media content. With the simple steps explained above, you can easily reverse your videos in a few taps and showcase your video editing skills. With this newfound knowledge, it’s time to get creative and make that video of yours stand out!

Making a video go backwards on an iPhone can be a fun way to entertain yourself and others. It can also be a creative way to tell stories, or re-create scenes from videos that were captured in the wrong direction. Here are the steps to make a video go backwards on an iPhone.

1. Start by launching the Photos app on your iPhone and tapping on the Videos tab. Find the video you wish to play in reverse.

2. Once you’ve selected the video, tap the Edit button on the screen’s top right corner.

3. After tapping on the Edit button, you should see the timeline of your video. Now, tap on the Speed icon that is situated just below the video timeline.

4. Once you tap on the Speed icon, a settings popup should appear. Here, select the “Reverse” option by double tapping on it.

5. Now that you have selected the Reverse option, click on the Done button to apply the effect.

6. Finally, tap on the Play button and watch your video play in reverse.

Following the above steps should make any video you wish to play in reverse, go backwards on an iPhone. Have fun!

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