how to make a music mashup on iphone


How long does it typically take to make a music mashup on an iPhone?

How to Make a Music Mashup on iPhone

Making a music mashup on your iPhone can be a great activity to showcase your creativity and musical talent. With the right tools and techniques, the process is incredibly easy and fun.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps of making a music mashup on your iPhone.

Step 1: Choose the Music You Want to Mashup

The first step is to choose the music you want to mashup. Select two or more songs that have a similar tempo or key, so they can be blended together easily. You can use any music streaming app on your iPhone, such as Apple Music, Spotify, or Tidal.

Step 2: Download a Music Mixing App

To make a music mashup, you need a music mixing app. There are several apps available on the App Store, such as GarageBand, DJ Studio 5, and edjing Mix. Download and install one of these apps to get started.

Step 3: Import the Songs to the App

Once you have downloaded the app, import the songs you want to mashup into the app. Most music mixing apps have the option to import music from your device’s music library or cloud storage.

Step 4: Adjust the Tempo and Pitch

To make the songs match in tempo and key, you may need to adjust their tempo and pitch. Most music mixing apps have a feature to adjust the tempo and pitch of a song. Play around with these settings until the songs sound harmonious.

Step 5: Mix the Songs Together

Now it’s time to mix the songs together. Most music mixing apps have a simple drag-and-drop interface, where you can place the songs on a timeline and blend them together. You can also add sound effects, loops, and samples to spice up your mashup.

Step 6: Export and Share Your Mashup

Once you’re satisfied with your mashup, export it as a file to your device’s music library or cloud storage. From there, you can share it on social media, send it to your friends, or upload it to music-sharing platforms like SoundCloud or YouTube.


Making a music mashup on your iPhone is a fun and easy process, thanks to the thousands of music mixing apps available on the App Store. With a little bit of creativity and skill, you can create a unique and memorable mashup that will amaze your friends and followers. So go ahead and make your own music mashup today!

Making a music mashup on your iPhone is a great way to express your creativity. Whether for fun or for a project, a mashup is sure to spice up your music collection. Here’s a guide to how to make one your own.

Step One: Gather your music

To make your mashup, you will need two or more songs which you want to combine into one. You can use music from your iTunes Library or download songs from the web. Once you have your songs ready, you can move on to the next step.

Step Two: Mash Them Up

Using an app called Track Crazy for iPhone, you can begin to mash up your songs. Open the app and drag and drop your two songs into its media library. You will be able to mix the songs however you like, by adding transitions, effects, and samples.

Step Three: Record Your Mashup

Now that your mashup is ready, you can record it by pressing the record button. This will allow you to save your mashup so you can use it whenever you want. You can even upload it directly to your iTunes library or share it with friends.

Making a music mashup on your iPhone is a great way to add a unique flair to your music collection. With a few simple steps, you can create your own one-of-a-kind mashup. So start mashing up your songs and have fun!

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