how to invert a picture on iphone settings


Is it possible to invert a live photo on the iPhone?

How to Invert a Picture on iPhone Settings

If you’re a photography enthusiast, you’ll be pleased to know that the iPhone’s camera has a feature that allows you to invert a photo’s colors and create an eye-catching, unique image. This feature is available on the iPhone’s settings menu, and in this article, we’ll show you how to invert a picture on iPhone settings, step by step.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down until you find “General” and tap on it.

3. Next, scroll down until you find “Accessibility” and tap on it.

4. In the Accessibility menu, scroll down until you find the “Display & Text Size” option and tap on it.

5. Finally, tap on the “Invert Colors” option, which will toggle on the feature.

Once you’ve followed these steps, return to your iPhone’s camera roll and select the picture that you’d like to invert. Tap on the photo to open it, then tap on the “Edit” button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Next, tap on the “Filters” button at the bottom of your screen, and you’ll see a list of available filters to choose from. Scroll to the end of the list and tap on “Invert.” This will invert the colors of your picture, creating a striking and unique visual effect.

If you want to undo the inverted colors, you can simply tap on the “Original” filter and your photo will revert to its original form.

In addition to the “Invert” filter, there are several other filters available in the iPhone’s camera app that you can experiment with to create unique visual effects. These include “Vivid,” “Noir,” “Mono,” and more.


Inverting colors on an iPhone photo is a simple and easy way to create a visually stunning picture that will stand out from the rest. By following the steps we’ve outlined above, you’ll be able to easily invert your pictures and experiment with other filters to create unique, eye-catching images. So go ahead, and give it a try!

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