how to have 2 coc accounts on iphone


Is there any difference in the game experience when playing with multiple Coc accounts on one iPhone?

How to have 2 CoC accounts on iPhone

Clash of Clans (CoC) is one of the most popular mobile games in the world today. Millions of players are actively playing the game on their smartphones across the globe. As a hardcore player, it is possible that you have multiple CoC accounts to progress at a faster rate. But most likely, you are struggling with the question of how to have 2 CoC accounts on iPhone? Here are some steps you can follow to have two CoC accounts on your iPhone:

Step 1: Create a new Apple ID account

To have two CoC accounts on your iPhone, you need to have 2 different Apple ID accounts. Start by creating a new Apple ID account to enable you to access the App Store and download the game again. This is important because it is not possible to have two CoC accounts on the same App Store account.

Step 2: Download the CoC game

After creating a new Apple ID account, you need to download the CoC game from the App Store again. This ensures you have a fresh new CoC account that doesn’t conflict with the one you already have on your device.

Step 3: Sign in with the new Apple ID account

Once the game has been successfully downloaded, sign in to the game with the new Apple ID account you just created. This ensures that the game recognizes your new account and saves your progress accordingly.

Step 4: Connect using a different in-game account

In the game, connect to the new account by tapping the “settings” menu. From there, click on “connect to a different account”. This prompts you to sign in using your new account details. After signing in, you’ll have a new CoC account that is active on your iPhone.

Step 5: Switch between accounts

To switch between your two CoC accounts, go back to settings, click on “connect to a different account”, and sign in with the account you want to use. This allows you to switch between the accounts without losing your progress or causing any conflict.


Having two CoC accounts on your iPhone can help you progress faster in the game and experience different aspects of the game. Following the steps above ensures that you can have two CoC accounts on the same iPhone without experiencing any problems or conflicts. Therefore, if you’re a CoC enthusiast, consider having two accounts for a better gaming experience.

The 2 Coc accounts on the iPhone is a great way to enjoy two different games from people in different locations or have different experiences and rewards from your game. It can be used when two people are playing the same game from different phones in different locations.

Having 2 Coc accounts on an iPhone is a relatively easy process. First, check your iCloud settings and turn on Document and Data sharing in iCloud. This step is necessary so that you can sync your two accounts between your iPhone and iPad. You will also need to enable the Keychain feature in iCloud so that both accounts can store passwords and data in one secure place.

Once your iCloud settings are updated, you’ll need to download two versions of Coc from the App Store. Each version must be installed separately and should use a unique username. It’s important to note that both versions must be signed in to the same iCloud account.

From here, you can start creating your Coc accounts. First, create a master account. This will be the account that all of the settings and preferences are stored within. This is the account you’ll use to manage the game and build the base.

Once the master account has been set up, create the second account. This account can be used for either a private or public game, or both. You can also link your second account with your master account in order to gain access to features such as leaderboards and achievements. The linking process is simple and can be done from your device settings.

In order to have a secure connection to both Coc accounts, you’ll need to use a separate VPN connection for each account. Many VPN providers offer free plans with a few features, so you’ll be able to take advantage of this without breaking the bank. Once you have your iPad and iPhone setup with the VPN, you can access your accounts from anywhere in the world.

Having 2 Coc accounts on an iPhone is a great way to play the game with friends from different locations, experience different challenges and rewards, and manage both games with one device. Although the setup process is relatively straightforward, it’s important to note that using separate VPNs is required in order to ensure a secure connection.

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