how to find craft fairs to sell at

how to find craft fairs to sell at

craft fairs

Is it worth the expense to join a craft fair vendor association?

Craft fairs are excellent platforms for artists and crafters to showcase their creativity and sell their handmade products. Whether you sell jewelry, pottery, clothing, or any other craft item, participating in craft fairs is a great way to promote your brand, make networking connections, and interact with potential customers. However, finding craft fairs to sell at can be quite a challenge. In this article, we will provide you with a guide on how to find craft fairs to sell at, along with some handy tips and tricks.

1. Local newspapers

Local newspapers are a great source of information for finding craft fairs to sell at. You can check the events section of the newspaper to see if any craft fairs are happening in your area. Alternatively, you can contact the newspaper and ask them to add your craft fair event to their events page. This is an effective way of reaching out to a local audience.

2. Social media

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting events and reaching out to potential customers. You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find craft fairs to sell at. You can follow local craft fairs pages or join groups to keep up to date with upcoming craft fairs.

3. Online directories

Online directories, like and are dedicated to promoting craft fairs and festivals. These directories provide a comprehensive list of upcoming craft fairs and enable you to filter by location, category, and date. You can also use these directories to list your own craft fair event.

4. Craft associations

Craft associations are organizations that are dedicated to promoting crafts, creating networking opportunities for crafters, and providing resources. You can join a local or national craft association to gain access to a network of other artisans and crafters. These associations often hold craft fairs and events, which provide great opportunities for selling your craft items.

5. Local shops

Local shops are a great source of information on craft fairs and events. Visit your local craft stores, gift shops, or art centers and ask if they know of any upcoming craft fairs. You can also leave your contact details with these shops, in case they receive any information on relevant upcoming events.

In conclusion, finding craft fairs to sell at requires some research and planning. By using a combination of these methods, you can increase your chances of finding the right craft fair for you. Remember to choose an event that aligns with your brand and target audience. Once you have found a craft fair to participate in, make sure to prepare well, promote your brand effectively, and interact with your potential customers. Happy selling!

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