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How can I prevent unsolicited calls from appearing on my iPhone?

As much as we all love to stay connected with each other, there are times when we simply want to avoid phone calls. It could be due to a busy schedule or just not feeling like talking at that moment. Apple’s iPhone is equipped with several features, including the ability to decline incoming phone calls. Here’s how to do it!

Method 1: Decline Calls From the Lock Screen

When someone calls you, you’ll see an incoming call screen with various options, including “Accept” and “Decline”. To decline a call, tap the “Decline” button. This will send the call directly to voicemail. If you don’t want to send the caller to voicemail, you can also tap the “Message” option and send them a text message stating that you’re unable to take the call at the moment.

Method 2: Decline Calls While Using Your iPhone

If you’re using your iPhone when a call comes in, you’ll see an option to “Accept” or “Decline” the call. To decline the call, simply press the Power button on your iPhone twice. This will send the call to voicemail.

Method 3: Decline Calls Using Siri

If you have Siri enabled, you can also use voice commands to decline incoming phone calls. When a call comes in, say “Hey Siri, decline the call” and Siri will automatically decline the call.

Method 4: Decline Calls With the Assistive Touch Feature

If you’re unable to use your iPhone’s physical buttons to decline phone calls, you can use the Assistive Touch feature. To enable this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch and toggle the switch to enable AssistiveTouch. Then, go to Customize Top Level Menu and add the “Decline” action to the menu. When a call comes in, tap the Assistive Touch button and select “Decline” from the menu.

In conclusion, there are several ways to decline phone calls on your iPhone. Whether you’re using the lock screen, physical buttons, Siri, or Assistive Touch, these methods offer convenience and peace of mind when you need a break from the constant ringing of your phone. Give these methods a try and enjoy a more stress-free mobile experience!

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