how to craft pokeball in pixelmon


What is the maximum size a pokeball can be crafted to in Pixelmon?

How to Craft Pokeball in Pixelmon

Pixelmon is a popular Minecraft mod that allows players to capture and train Pokemon in the world of Minecraft. One of the essential items in Pixelmon is Pokeballs. Pokeballs are necessary as they help players catch and store their Pokemon for later use. In this article, we will show you how to craft Pokeballs in Pixelmon easily.

Step 1: Gather materials

To craft a Pokeball in Pixelmon, you need to gather three essential materials: Apricorns, Iron Ingot, and Stone. You can find Apricorns in trees scattered throughout the world. Iron Ingot comes from smelting iron ore in a furnace. Stone can be quickly obtained by mining rocks.

Step 2: Creating the Pokeball Disc

To create a Pokeball Disc, you need to find and harvest Apricorns. Apricorns come in different colors, each with a unique characteristic.

  • Red Apricorn: Restores HP
  • Yellow Apricorn: Restores PP
  • Green Apricorn: Increases catch rate
  • Black Apricorn: Decreases catch rate
  • White Apricorn: Increases the chance of breeding a Pokeball

Once you have collected the Apricorns, you need to use a hammer to crush them. After that, you need to put the crushed apricorns in the crafting table to create the Pokeball Disc.

Step 3: Creating the Pokeball Capsule

To create a Pokeball Capsule, you need to combine the Pokeball Disc with an iron Ingot. Simply place the Pokeball Disc in the center of the crafting table and put the Iron Ingot in any remaining slot around it.

Step 4: Creating the Pokeball

To create the final product, you need to complete the process by combining the Pokeball Capsule with some stones.

  • Dusk Ball: Combine a Pokeball Capsule with black Apricorn
  • Repeat Ball: Combine a Pokeball Capsule with red Apricorn
  • Heal Ball: Combine a Pokeball Capsule with yellow Apricorn
  • Ultra Ball: Combine a Pokeball Capsule with black or white Apricorn
  • Master Ball: Combine a Pokeball Capsule with a white Apricorn


Crafting Pokeballs may take time and effort, especially when trying to obtain the perfect ball for your Pokemon. However, with the right materials and simple steps, you can craft Pokeballs in Pixelmon with ease. So, gather your materials and start crafting Pokeballs to capture your favorite Pokemon today. Happy crafting!

Pixelmon is a fun and exciting game based on the beloved Pokémon franchise. It allows players to craft their own Pokéballs and customize them to fit their play style. Crafting Pokéballs in Pixelmon is a great way to show off your creativity and give your Pokémon the upper hand in battle. Here’s how to craft your own Pokéballs in Pixelmon.

First, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials. For example, you’ll need a pixelmon forge, some iron ingots, and a button. You’ll also need a crafting table to put all your components together. Make sure to add the iron ingots first, followed by the button.

Once you have the ingredients ready, simply insert them into the Pixelmon forge. This will start the forging process, and the Pokéball will soon appear. After the Pokéball is finished, you can customize it by coloring it or adding a design of your choice.

Finally, you’ll be able to use the Pokéball in battle. Using the Pokéball in combat requires skill and strategy, so make sure you practice with it before using it in a real match.

Crafting Pokéballs in Pixelmon is a great way to show off your skills and explore your creativity. With the right items and a bit of patience, you can make your own personalized Pokéballs that can help you succeed in battle.

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