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How to Cover Your Face with Emoji on iPhone

Have you ever wanted to hide your face in a photo or video without revealing your identity? Or maybe you just want to have some fun and create a cool emoji mashup. Whatever your motive, you can easily cover your face with emoji on iPhone using built-in tools and third-party apps. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to do it step by step.

Method 1: Use the Memoji Stickers in Messages

If you have an iPhone with Face ID (iPhone X or later), you can create a personalized Memoji that reflects your facial features and expressions. Once you have made a Memoji, you can use it as a sticker in Messages, Photos, and other apps that support stickers. To cover your face with a Memoji sticker, follow these instructions:

1. Open Messages or the app where you want to add the sticker.

2. Tap on the text field to bring up the keyboard.

3. Tap on the App Store icon next to the text field.

4. Tap on the Emoji button (smiley face) to switch to the Emoji keyboard.

5. Tap on the Memoji button (avatar with sunglasses) to access your Memoji stickers.

6. Swipe left or right to find a Memoji sticker that covers your face.

7. Tap on the sticker to add it to your message or photo.

8. Adjust the size and position of the sticker by using pinch and drag gestures.

9. Share or save the message or photo as desired.

Method 2: Use a Masking App like Facemoji

If you want more control over the style and placement of the emoji that cover your face, you can use a dedicated masking app such as Facemoji. This free app lets you choose from thousands of emoji and stickers, as well as add text, filters, and effects to your photos and videos. Here’s how to use it:

1. Download and install Facemoji from the App Store.

2. Open Facemoji and allow access to your camera and photos.

3. Tap on the Camera icon to take a new photo or video, or select one from your library.

4. Tap on the Emoji icon to access the emoji panel.

5. Choose an emoji that you want to use to mask your face.

6. Drag and resize the emoji to cover your face or other parts of the photo or video.

7. Adjust the opacity, rotation, and position of the emoji as needed.

8. Tap on the Text icon to add a caption or label to your creation.

9. Apply filters and effects to enhance your photo or video.

10. Save or share your creation as desired.

Method 3: Use a Photo Editor with Masking Tools like PicsArt

If you want even more creative and professional-level control over how your face is covered with emoji, you can use a photo editor app like PicsArt. This powerful app offers advanced masking tools, including Magic, Brush, and Eraser, that allow you to selectively apply or remove emoji or other elements from your photo or video. Follow these steps to use PicsArt as an emoji face mask:

1. Download and install PicsArt from the App Store.

2. Open PicsArt and tap on the Plus icon to add a new photo or video.

3. Tap on the Mask icon to access the Masking Tools.

4. Choose the Magic tool and select the area that you want to keep visible (e.g., your eyes, mouth, or hair).

5. Choose an emoji that you want to use to mask the rest of your face.

6. Drag and resize the emoji to fit the masked area.

7. Use the Eraser tool to refine the edges of the mask and remove unwanted details.

8. Apply filters, effects, frames, or stickers to further enhance your creation.

9. Save or share your creation as desired.


Now you know three different ways to cover your face with emoji on iPhone. Whether you prefer to use a built-in Memoji sticker, a dedicated masking app, or a full-featured photo editor, you can create fun and creative images and videos that express your personality or protect your privacy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different emoji, styles, and techniques, and share your masterpieces with your friends and followers. Happy masking!

Whether you are expressing yourself in a text, post or comment online, using emojis to cover your face provides a fun and expressive way to communicate on iPhone (iOS). But before you can use an emoji as a face mask, you’ll need to know how to make the switch.

The method for using an emoji as a ‘mask’ may differ depending on the version of iOS you’re using. However, regardless of the version, the steps are pretty similar.

For iOS 14, you’ll first need to enable the Memoji Sticker option in the keyboard settings. To do this, go to the Keyboard Settings on your iPhone, tap the ‘Memoji Stickers’ option and then turn on the toggle. After that, you can use your emojis sparingly as a face cover when you type a text, post, or comment.

Firstly, open the message or post you want to edit. If you’re creating a new message, just begin to type it out as normal. When you’re ready to insert the emoji, delete the character you were typing out and tap the Emoji button on the lower left side.

In the emoji keyboard, you’ll find two tabs on the bottom left – Recents and People. Go to the People tab and scroll through the available emojis to find the one you want to use. When you’ve found the emoji you want to use, tap and hold it until it pops up a few times bigger than usual. Drag it over the face and it will cover it (just like you were literally using the emoji as a face mask).

Finally press Save. After that you’re good to go and you’ve successfully covered a face with an emoji on your iPhone. Using emojis as face masks is a fun and creative way to spice up your communicative interactions and show your personality and sense of humor.

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