how to convince your parents to get you an iphone


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How to Convince Your Parents to Get You an iPhone

If you are a teenager, the chances are that you want an iPhone but your parents haven’t given you the green light yet. It can be tough to convince your parents to get you an expensive device, especially if they believe you aren’t ready for it yet. However, there are ways to make a compelling case for yourself. Here are some tips on how to convince your parents to get you an iPhone.

1. Show them the benefits

Firstly, you should let your parents know about all the amazing benefits an iPhone has to offer. A smartphone is not only a communication device but also a powerful tool that can help you learn new things and stay organized. You can highlight how the iPhone can help you to stay up-to-date with school assignments, access educational apps, or easily share important class information with friends. Additionally, owning an iPhone also means having access to a wider range of social media platforms, various entertainment channels and customizable features.

2. Respect your parents’ concerns

You have to understand that your parents’ primary concern is your safety and well-being. They may think that you aren’t responsible enough to handle the challenges an iPhone can bring. That’s why you have to prove to them that you can handle the responsibility. You should listen to their concerns about you being prone to addiction, cyberbullying and online predators, and show them how you plan to tackle these challenges.

3. Be responsible

One of the most crucial things to do is to show your parents you’re a responsible teenager. Completing your school assignments at the set time, helping around the house, and actively participating in sports or other extracurricular activities can help you demonstrate your responsibility level.

4. Offer to contribute financially

iPhones are expensive, and your parents may not want to buy it for you unless they are sure you value it. One way to do this is by offering to save up and contribute a portion of the amount. When you save some of the money, your parents may be willing to chip in. This action shows that you understand the value of money and how to manage it.

5. Negotiate and compromise

If your parents are still reluctant to buy you an iPhone, it’s time to consider a compromise. For example, you can ask to get a second-hand iPhone from a reputable dealer to save money. Alternatively, you could request to have a lower data plan than the one they assigned. But be willing to compromise too. They may require to have access to your phone to monitor your usage to ensure your safety.


Getting your parents to buy you an iPhone is not an easy process, but it’s worth the effort. By demonstrating your responsibility and understanding of the benefits and risks, you are more likely to get your parents’ approval. Remember, the ultimate goal is to make your parents see that it’s the right device for you.

With the increasing popularity of the Apple iPhone, many teenagers and young adults are pushing their parents to let them have the desired device. If you’ve been wanting to join the ranks of the iPhone owners, but finding it difficult to persuade your parents, there are some ways you can convince them to let you have an iPhone.

The first step is to demonstrate your maturity and readiness for a device with a bigger responsibility than a basic cell phone. Show your competency to handle the responsibility that comes with having an iPhone by proving your responsible behavior in other areas of your life. Demonstrate that you are mature enough to take care of it and not be careless with it.

Secondly, do your research and discuss the features of the iPhone that make it beneficial and worthwhile in the parent’s eyes. Show the parental controls available that can help you stay safe and that they can monitor your device usage to ensure it’s not being misused. For example, they can set up usage limits and restrict which websites, apps and contacts you can access.

Thirdly, make a convincing argument with points that highlight the various features that the iPhone offers. For instance, you can stress how an iPhone can help you in school by providing you easy access to the internet and being able to store important documents. You can also point out that owning an iPhone can help to stay connected with family and friends and most important of all, it can let you promote education and unleash opportunities.

Finally, if you don’t have enough money to purchase an iPhone, offer to pay for it in small installments or apply for a student discount to reduce the cost. This will make it easier for your parents to decide on getting the iPhone for you and may help make it more affordable for them. In addition, if you can negotiate a contract so your parents will pay for only a portion of it and you pay them back over a period of time, it may make them more inclined to agree.

These are some of the ways that you can convince your parents to get you an iPhone. All in all, the key is to prove to your parents that you’re mature enough to handle it and that the iPhone can bring some serious benefits to your life.

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