how to connect tello drone to iphone

Connecting a Tello drone to an iPhone is an easy process. All you need is the Tello app and your iPhone. Once the app is installed, you can use your iPhone to control the Tello drone, view live video footage and take photos and videos. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to connect your Tello drone to an iPhone.To connect the Tello Drone to an iPhone, first ensure that the Tello Drone has been powered on. Then select the ‘Wi-Fi’ option under ‘Settings’ in your iPhone and look for the Tello network. Select it and input the password when prompted. Once your iPhone is connected to the Tello network, open theTello App and you should be able to control it from there.

Requirements for Connecting Tello Drone to iPhone

Connecting your Tello drone to an iPhone is a great way to get the most out of your drone flying experience. To ensure that you have a successful connection, there are a few requirements you will need to meet in order to make it happen.

First and foremost, you will need an iPhone that is running iOS 8.0 or higher. This is necessary in order to ensure that the device can support the Tello app. It should also be noted that only certain models of iPhones are compatible with the Tello app, so make sure to double check before attempting a connection.

Next, you will need access to a reliable Wi-Fi network. This network must remain active while using the Tello drone with your iPhone, as it is required for communication between the two devices. Additionally, you may need to enter in your Wi-Fi password into the app when prompted during setup in order for the connection process to be completed successfully.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that both your drone and phone have fresh batteries before attempting a connection. Failing to do so may lead to an unreliable connection or one that fails altogether due to low battery levels on either side.

By following these simple requirements for connecting your Tello drone with an iPhone, you can rest assured knowing that you will have an enjoyable and successful flying experience every time!

Download the Tello App

Are you ready to take your drone flying experience to the next level? Download the Tello app and connect to your drone for even more exciting features. With the app, you can learn about flying with coding education, get access to intuitive flight modes like 8D Flips and Bounce Mode, edit and share your aerial photos and videos, and more. Enjoy a whole new level of fun with the Tello app!

The Tello app is available on both iOS or Android devices. To download it, simply search “Tello” in your device’s app store or follow the link provided on our website. Once you have downloaded the app, it is easy to connect it to your drone; just follow the instructions provided in the app. And with that, you are ready to take off!

So what are you waiting for? Download the Tello app now and start exploring a world of exciting possibilities in aerial photography and videography. With this powerful tool at your fingertips, you can take on any challenge that comes your way!

Sync the Tello Drone and iPhone

Syncing the Tello Drone and iPhone is a fairly straightforward process that requires only a few simple steps. To start, you’ll need to make sure both devices are powered on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once both devices are connected, open the Tello app on your iPhone and select “Sync Drone”. This will initiate the synchronization process.

The next step is to wait for the drone to connect to the app. Once it has connected, you should see a message at the bottom of your screen confirming that it has been successfully synchronized. You can then begin using your drone with your iPhone.

The last step is to ensure that you have configured any settings or preferences you may need before using your drone with your phone. This includes setting up any safety features such as geo-fencing or altitude limits, as well as setting up other features such as flight mode or camera settings. Once these settings have been configured, you can begin flying your drone with your iPhone!

Turn on Bluetooth on iPhone

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows two devices to connect and share data. It is widely used for connecting accessories such as headphones, speakers, and keyboards to Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. To turn on Bluetooth on an iPhone:

1. Open the Settings app.
2. Tap “Bluetooth” in the list of settings.
3. Toggle the switch next to “Bluetooth” to the On position.
4. Your device should now be discoverable by other Bluetooth devices in the area.

Connect to Network on Tello Drone

Connecting your Tello drone to a network is a great way to increase your flight range and keep your drone connected. With the right setup, you can connect both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, giving you more options for connecting your drone to the internet. Here’s how to connect your Tello drone to a network:

The first step is to make sure that you have the necessary hardware. You will need an access point or router that supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks in order to get the best connection. You will also need the appropriate cable and adapters for connecting the access point or router to the drone.

Once you have all of the necessary hardware, it’s time to set up your access point or router. Make sure that you configure it properly so that it will provide a strong signal for your drone. In most cases, this means setting up both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks with different passwords so that they are secure.

Once your access point or router is configured properly, you can begin connecting your Tello drone. Make sure that it is in range of the access point or router and then power it on. Once powered on, open up its settings menu and select “Network Settings” from the list of options.

In this menu, you will be able to select which network you would like to connect to – either 2.4GHz or 5GHz – as well as enter in any necessary passwords for authentication. Once everything is entered correctly, select “Connect” and wait for the connection process to finish.

Once connected, you should be able to fly your Tello drone further than if it were connected directly to just one network frequency as long as both networks are within range of each other. This can be especially useful when flying outdoors where there may not be a single strong signal available from one source alone.

With the right setup, connecting your Tello drone to a network can be a great way to extend its range and keep it connected even when flying outdoors or in remote areas with few available networks available!

Putting the Tello Drone into Pairing Mode

The Tello drone is a fun and easy to use drone that can be used for recreational purposes or to take photos. To get the most out of your drone, you will need to put it in pairing mode. This process is quick and easy, but there are some important steps you should follow to ensure that your drone is properly paired.

The first step to putting your Tello drone into pairing mode is to turn on the device. Make sure that all of the lights on the drone are illuminated. You should also make sure that there are no other devices nearby that could interfere with the connection.

Once the device is powered on, you will need to press and hold down the pairing button on the side of the drone until it starts flashing rapidly. This indicates that it has entered pairing mode and is ready for you to connect it with another device.

Next, you will need to use a compatible device such as a smartphone or laptop with Bluetooth connectivity in order to link up with your drone. Depending on what type of device you are using, you may need to download an app or follow specific instructions in order to successfully pair the two devices together.

Once the connection has been established, you can start using your Tello drone by following any instructions provided by its accompanying app or program. You should always make sure that your Tello Drone stays within range while it is being used in order for it to operate properly and safely. Once you have finished using your Tello Drone, make sure that you disconnect it from any other devices before turning off its power switch so that it can exit pairing mode properly and securely.

Connect Phone to Tello Network

Connecting your phone to the Tello network is a straightforward process. First, you’ll need to make sure that your phone is compatible with the Tello network. You can do this by looking up the technical specifications of your device online. Once you’ve confirmed that your device is compatible, you’ll need to activate it on the network. To do this, you’ll need to download and install the Tello app on your device. Once installed, open the app and follow the instructions to complete activation. You’ll then be able to connect to the Tello network and start using it right away.

You may also need to configure some settings on your phone before connecting it to the Tello network. This includes setting up a secure Wi-Fi connection and enabling data roaming if necessary. Once these settings are in place, you can begin connecting your device to the Tello network. To do this, simply follow the instructions on-screen in the app or use a QR code provided by Tello if applicable. Once connected, you’ll be able to access all of the features of Tello’s service such as making calls, sending messages, and more.

It’s important that you keep in mind that connecting your phone to any cellular network can be risky as it could lead to unwanted charges or other issues. Therefore, it’s important that you read through all terms and conditions provided by your provider before activating any services or making any changes on your phone. Doing so will ensure that you’re aware of any potential risks associated with using their service so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.


Connecting a Tello Drone to an iPhone is a simple process. All you need to do is download the Tello app, connect to your home Wi-Fi network, and then launch the app. Once the app is launched, your iPhone will detect the drone and allow you to control it via the app. The entire process takes just minutes and is relatively straightforward.

It is important to remember that the connection must be maintained for the drone to function properly. To ensure a stable connection, make sure that your device’s Wi-Fi signal strength is strong enough and that you are within range of the drone when flying it. Additionally, make sure that any other devices connected to your Wi-Fi network are not interfering with your drone’s connection.

In conclusion, connecting a Tello Drone to an iPhone is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. All you need is the Tello App, a reliable internet connection, and your device in range of the drone while flying it. With this information in mind, you should have no issue making a successful connection between your phone and the drone.

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