how to connect sedici helmet bluetooth to iphone


How can I check the Bluetooth connection status between the Sedici helmet and the iPhone?

How to Connect Sedici Helmet Bluetooth to iPhone

Are you having trouble connecting your Sedici Helmet Bluetooth to your iPhone? Fear not, for we’re here to guide you step by step.

Firstly, let’s talk about the basics. The Sedici Helmet Bluetooth is a device that allows riders to communicate with other riders without the need for a phone or a wired connection. It can also connect to smartphones to make or receive calls, listen to music, or even hear navigation instructions. The helmet comes with a built-in microphone, speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity that can be paired with any smartphone that supports Bluetooth.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of connecting your Sedici Helmet Bluetooth to your iPhone.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

The first step is to turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone. Go to your phone’s settings and look for the Bluetooth option. Make sure it’s turned on.

Step 2: Put the Helmet in Bluetooth Pairing Mode

The next step is to put your Sedici Helmet Bluetooth in pairing mode. To do this, press and hold the power button until you hear a series of beeps. You’ll know it’s in pairing mode when the LED light on the helmet flashes red and blue.

Step 3: Pairing the Helmet with your iPhone

After putting the helmet in pairing mode, go to your iPhone’s settings and look for Bluetooth devices. Look for the device name “Sedici Helmet” and tap on it. The device will start connecting, and after a few seconds, it’ll show a message saying “connected.”

Step 4: Customize your Settings

The connection is now complete, and you can start using the Sedici Helmet Bluetooth with your iPhone. You can customize the helmet settings such as the volume, playback, and call answer options to suit your preferences while on the road.

Final Thoughts

Connecting your Sedici Helmet Bluetooth to your iPhone is as easy as following these simple steps. With this connection, you can enjoy hands-free communication, access your favorite music playlists, or even listen to navigation prompts. Ride safe, and happy connecting.

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