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Is there a specific app I need to download in order to connect Beats Pro to iPhone?

How to Connect Beats Pro to iPhone

If you’re one of the proud owners of Beats Pro headphones and want to use them with your iPhone, we have the perfect guide for you. Connecting Beats Pro to your iPhone is straightforward, and you only need to follow a few steps.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on Your iPhone

The first step is to ensure Bluetooth is turned on your iPhone. To ensure that, go to “Settings,” tap on the “Bluetooth” option and toggle the switch to the on position.

Turning on Bluetooth on iPhone

Step 2: Turn On Beats Pro Headphones

Beats Pro headphones turn on by pressing the power button located under the left ear cup. You’ll notice the LED lights on both ear cups turn on once the headphones are powered on.

Power button on Beats Pro Headphones

Step 3: Put Beats Pro Headphones in Pairing Mode

To ensure that Beats Pro headphones are discoverable by your iPhone, you need to put them in pairing mode. To do that, press and hold the “b” button located under the left ear cup until you hear a sound indicating that the headphones have entered pairing mode.

b button on Beats Pro Headphones

Step 4: Pair Beats Pro Headphones with Your iPhone

Once Beats Pro headphones are in pairing mode, go to the “Bluetooth” menu on your iPhone, and you should see “Beats Pro” in the available devices list. Tap on “Beats Pro,” and your iPhone will pair with them automatically.

Pairing Beats Pro with iPhone

Step 5: Enjoy Your Music

With your Beats Pro headphones successfully paired with your iPhone, you can now enjoy your music to your heart’s content. Put your headphones on, choose your favorite playlist, and crank up the volume. Your iPhone will automatically switch to your headphones as the primary output device for audio.

Following these five steps, you can connect Beats Pro to iPhone and enjoy high-quality sound in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Connect your headphones and immerse yourself in the world of music, movies, and all your favorite audio content.

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