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What iOS version is required to pair an AirTag with an iPhone?

How to Connect AirTag to iPhone Without Tap

AirTag is Apple’s latest innovation that allows you to track and find your valuable items, such as keys, wallet, or backpack. With this Bluetooth-enabled device, you can easily locate your belongings using the built-in Find My app on your iPhone. However, many users find it difficult to connect their AirTags to their iPhones, especially without tapping a specific setup code. In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect your AirTag to your iPhone without a tap easily.

Step 1: Open the Find My app on your iPhone.

The first step to connect your AirTag to your iPhone without tap is to open the Find My app on your device. The app is built-in on all iPhones, and you can find it from your home screen or app list. Once you open the app, you’ll see a map with all your connected devices, including your AirTag.

Step 2: Tap on Add a New AirTag.

After opening the app, click the “Add a New AirTag” option visible on the app. If you don’t have an AirTag, make sure to purchase one as this guide will not help you set up an AirTag for the first time. AirTags can easily be found online or at an Apple Store near you.

Step 3: Hold your AirTag next to your iPhone.

The next step is to hold the AirTag next to your iPhone without tapping it. On the app, you’ll see a message displaying, “Hold Your iPhone Close to the AirTag.” Once you hold the AirTag next to your iPhone, wait for a few seconds, and you’ll see the device appearing on your iPhone.

Step 4: Name the AirTag.

Now you need to name your AirTag. Tap on the “Choose a Name” option on the app, and a keyboard will appear. Enter the name you want to give your AirTag and click “Done” to save changes.

Step 5: Assign an Item to the AirTag.

The last step is to assign the AirTag to the item you want to track. For instance, if you want to track your keys, select the “Assign to Item” option, and choose “Keys” from the list of items on the app. Repeat the same process for other items you wish to track.


AirTags are an excellent addition to Apple’s lineup of accessories, allowing you to keep track of your valuable items with ease. While connecting your AirTag to your iPhone might seem daunting, following the above steps will make it a walk in the park. By following these five simple steps, you can connect your AirTag to your iPhone without tapping and track all your valuable items in no time.

Tired of losing your wallet or keys? Good news, Apple AirTag can help. AirTag is a small, light-weight tracking device that you can attach almost anything to, including wallets, keychains, and even pets. Once connected to an iPhone, you can track the location of your items with notifications, even when they’re out of sight. But how do you connect your AirTag to your iPhone without a tab? This guide will show you how.

1. Install the Find My App

First you will need to install Find My, the official iOS app for tracking lost items. The Find My app comes pre-installed on the latest Apple mobile hardware. However, if your device is outdated, you can download the app from the App Store.

2. Put Your AirTag Into Discovery Mode

Take your AirTag and hold it close to your iPhone. On the back of the AirTag, press and hold the small circle with an “i” in the center. This will put your AirTag into discovery mode.

3. Open Find My App

Open the Find My app and wait for it to load. Once the app is open, your AirTag will appear beneath the list of devices you can connect to.

4. Follow Onscreen Instructions

Click on your AirTag and follow the onscreen instructions. This includes accepting any prompts for permission, and entering a name for your AirTag. When you’re done, tap the option to pair your AirTag and your iOS device.

5. Wait for the Connection

Wait a few moments until the AirTag and iPhone are connected, and you’ll be good to go!

Now that you know how to connect your AirTag to your iPhone without a tab, you can start tracking your lost items with ease. No more worrying about losing your wallet or forgetting where you put your keys; AirTag will make sure everything is safe and secure.

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