how to clear email storage on iphone


What are the potential risks of clearing out email storage on an iPhone?

How to Clear Email Storage on iPhone

Emails are a vital component of our daily communication, and as such, we tend to receive an overwhelming number of emails, which can consume a significant amount of storage space on our iPhones. This can lead to slower performance, and worse, an inability to send or receive new emails. Thus, it is essential to clear email storage on your iPhone regularly. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this:

Delete Unnecessary Emails

The first thing you should do when trying to clear email storage on your iPhone is to delete unnecessary emails. You can do this by opening your email app and selecting the emails you no longer need. Once you’ve selected them, click on the “delete” icon, and they’ll disappear.

Clear Out Deleted Emails

Often, when you delete an email, it is moved to a “deleted items” folder, which can still take up storage space. To clear out these deleted emails, you can click on the “edit” option and then select “delete all” for the deleted items folder. This will permanently delete all the emails in the folder and free up storage space on your iPhone.

Disable Email Attachments

Email attachments, particularly large files, consume a considerable amount of storage space on your iPhone. Therefore, you should consider disabling automatic download for attachments. To do this, open your email app, and go to “Settings” -> “Mail” -> “Attachments.” From here, you can adjust the settings, so that attachments do not download automatically.

Use Cloud Storage Services

If you frequently receive emails with attachments, you might consider using cloud storage services to free up space on your iPhone. Cloud storage services like iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox allow you to store your files in the cloud and can be accessed from various devices. This means you can store your attachments on the cloud and access them when needed, rather than storing them on your phone.


Cleaning email storage is an essential task that all iPhone users should regularly undertake. With the tips in this article, you’re equipped to clear out unneeded email and attachments, and keep your iPhone storage clean and efficient.

Many people use their iPhones to store emails on their device. Unfortunately, emails can quickly fill up the phones memory, causing it to slow down and decreasing its overall performance. Like all digital devices, however, there are ways to clear and optimize the storage space on your iPhone.

The simplest and most efficient way to clear email storage on your iPhone is to delete the emails that you no longer need from your device. You can do this by tapping on the “Mail” app, selecting the emails you would like to delete and then pressing the “trash” icon. Another great way to clear email storage is by archiving emails that you would like to keep but don’t necessarily need to access at the present time. This will move the emails into an archive folder and free up additional storage room.

It is important to note that even after deleting emails from your device, they will still remain in your email provider’s server. In order to completely erase emails from your account, you will need to delete them from the server, which can be done by manually accessing the server or using the mail app’s “Delete from Server” setting.

Another clever way to optimize storage space on your iPhone is to set up email filters. With a filter, you can set up rules to automatically delete messages you do not want, for example, emails from certain senders or those with attachments you don’t need. This will also help you save time by removing emails you don’t need to worry about.

Finally, another way to clear up storage is by disabling larger message attachments. This can be configured in the Mail Settings > Account and set to either download the attachments or don’t download them along with the email. Downloading only the attachments you want when needed can be very helpful in keeping your device running efficiently.

By following the steps we outlined above, you will be able to clear up the storage room on your iPhone and improve its performance.

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