how to change the charging sound on iphone


Are there any third-party applications that can help me customize the charging sound on my iPhone?

How to Change the Charging Sound on iPhone

Do you get bored with the same old charging sound on your iPhone? Good news is that you can customize it according to your preference. You can select your favorite song or sound effect to play whenever your iPhone connects to the charger. Here’s how you can change the charging sound on your iPhone.

Step 1: Download a Sound of Your Choice

The first step is to download the sound or song that you want to set as your iPhone’s charging sound. You can download your favorite sound from the internet or use a sound editing software to create your own sound.

Step 2: Convert the Sound to .m4r Format

The next step is to convert the sound or song to .m4r format. This format is compatible with iPhones and can be used as a ringtone or charging sound. You can use an online conversion tool or a sound editing software to convert the sound to .m4r format.

Step 3: Connect Your iPhone to iTunes

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable and open iTunes. Click your iPhone icon in the top left corner of the iTunes window.

Step 4: Choose the Sound to Set as Charging Sound

Go to the ‘Tones’ tab and select the sound or song you want to set as your iPhone’s charging sound. Drag and drop the .m4r file into the ‘Tones’ section in iTunes.

Step 5: Sync Your iPhone with iTunes

Click the ‘Sync’ button in the bottom right corner of the window to transfer the sound to your iPhone. The sound will now be available in the sound settings of your iPhone.

Step 6: Change the Charging Sound

Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone and select ‘Sounds & Haptics’. Scroll down to the ‘Charging’ option and tap on it. Select the sound you just transferred to your iPhone from iTunes from the list of available charging sounds. Congratulations! You have successfully changed the charging sound on your iPhone.


Changing the charging sound on your iPhone is a great way to customize your device and keep it fresh. By following these simple steps, you can set any sound or song as your iPhone’s charging sound without any hassle.

It is a common misconception that iPhone users must stick with the default charging sound. The truth is, users have the power to customize this sound to whatever they prefer. With a few simple steps, users can access a variety of charging sounds on their iPhone, allowing them to add a personal touch to their device.

To begin, the user needs to open their Settings and then select Sounds. They should then scroll down to the bottom of the menu to find the option “Charge Sound,” which is typically set to the default “Instructions.” Click on this option and a selection of available charge sounds will appear.

The options for charge sound are generally broad. The user can choose one of Apple’s five preset sounds, opt for “Vibrate,” or even select “None” if they wish to have no sound at all when their iPhone is charging. Setup is complete—all users need to do is choose the sound they want and it will automatically become their charge sound.

No matter what option the user chooses, they will still hear the default charging tone when they insert the charger into their iPhone. However, when the phone is actually charging, the new sound will be triggered, allowing the user to customize their charging experience.

Changing the iPhone charging sound is a simple process that adds personality and convenience to the user’s device. With a few clicks, users can transform their iPhone’s charging experience to something that suits their individual tastes.

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