how to change hotspot name on iphone 11


Is there a specific app required to alter the hotspot name on an iPhone 11?

How to Change Hotspot Name on iPhone 11

Are you tired of seeing the generic “iPhone” or “John’s iPhone” as your hotspot name? Changing the name of your hotspot can be a fun way to personalize your device and make it easier to identify in a crowded list of available networks. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change your hotspot name on your iPhone 11.

Step 1: Access Your iPhone Settings

Start by unlocking your iPhone 11 and going to the “Settings” app. This is the grey icon with gears on it.

iPhone 11 Settings Icon

Step 2: Tap “Personal Hotspot”

Once you are inside the “Settings” app, scroll down until you see “Personal Hotspot”. Tap on it.

iPhone 11 Personal Hotspot Icon

Step 3: Go to “Wi-Fi Password”

Once inside “Personal Hotspot”, scroll down until you see “Wi-Fi Password”. Below this, you will notice your current hotspot name. Tap on it.

iPhone 11 Wi-Fi Password Icon

Step 4: Change Your Hotspot Name

You will now arrive at the “Configure Hotspot” page. Here, tap on “Wi-Fi Name”.

iPhone 11 Configure Hotspot Wi-Fi Name

You will now be able to edit your hotspot name. Enter your desired name, and click on “done”.

iPhone 11 Change Hotspot Name

Step 5: Connect Devices to Your New Hotspot Name

Once you have successfully changed your hotspot name, other devices will be able to see and connect to your newly named hotspot. You will not need to enter a new password, as changing the name does not affect your hotspot’s password.

Enjoy your newly named hotspot, and don’t forget to change it up whenever you are feeling creative!

In Conclusion

Changing your iPhone 11’s hotspot name is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. Personalizing your hotspot name can make it easier for you to identify your network and can even help you have a little fun with your device.

It is easy to change your iPhone 11 hotspot name, leaving you free to personalize your connection to the internet. The process can be completed in just a matter of minutes.

To start, open the Settings app from the home screen. Next, select “Personal Hotspot” from the list of options. Then, enter a new name for your hotspot in the field labeled “Name.” Finally, click “Done” to save the change.

You can also reset your iPhone 11 hotspot name to the default setting. To do this, simply navigate to the same “Personal Hotspot” menu from the settings. Then, scroll down until you find the “Reset Personal Hotspot” button. Finally, choose “OK” from the confirmation window that appears and the process is complete.

You can now enjoy a personalized, more secure, and easier to find hotspot connection by customizing the name of your iPhone 11 hotspot. The steps are easy to understand and complete, so you can begin customizing your connection in no time.

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