how to change home screen on iphone 11


Can I customize the background of my iPhone 11 home screen?

How to Change Home Screen on iPhone 11

One of the best things about having an iPhone is the ability to customize it to your liking. It’s not difficult to change the home screen on your iPhone 11, and we’ll walk you through the process.

Step 1: Tap and hold an app on your home screen

First, you’ll want to tap and hold an app on your home screen until it starts to jiggle. This lets you know that you’re in edit mode.

iPhone 11 home screen in edit mode

Step 2: Tap the “-” sign to remove an app

To remove an app from your home screen, tap the “-” sign in the corner of the app you want to remove. This will make a small “x” appear, and you can tap on it to delete the app.

Removing an app from iPhone 11 home screen

Step 3: Tap and drag an app to move it

If you want to move an app, simply press and hold it, and then drag it to where you want it to go. You can also move the app to a new page by dragging it to the edge of the screen.

Moving apps on iPhone 11 home screen

Step 4: Tap the “+” sign to add an app

To add an app to your home screen, go to the App Library or use Apple’s search function to find the app you want to add. Once you’ve found it, tap the “+” sign in the top corner to add it to your home screen.

Adding an app to iPhone 11 home screen

Step 5: Customize your home screen with widgets and backgrounds

If you want to take your home screen customization to the next level, you can add widgets and change the background of your home screen. To do this, tap and hold on an empty part of your home screen until all of your apps start to jiggle. Then, tap the “+” sign in the top left corner to add a widget. You can also change your background by going to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper.

Customized iPhone 11 home screen


Now that you know how to change the home screen on your iPhone 11, you can start customizing it to your liking. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or a more complex design, the iPhone 11’s home screen can be tailored to your needs with just a few simple steps.

For iPhone users who are looking to make some changes in their phones, customizing the home screen on iPhone 11 is a great option. It can help to personalize the interface, make specific operations easier and make it more enjoyable to use the device. So, here’s how anyone can customize their home screen on iPhone 11.

To get started, you need to tap and hold on a blank area of your home screen until all the apps and widgets on the screen start to jiggle. Then, you want to take any apps or widgets and move them around the screen or onto other pages. This is a great way to organize your home screen into a format that you find efficient. Plus, if you make some changes you don’t like, you can always undo them by long pressing the home screen and tapping “Rearrange Apps”.

Next, you can go to your phone’s widget gallery and add or remove widgets from your home screen. You can add system widgets that have the look and feel of stock iPhone apps or download third-party widgets from the App Store. With third-party widgets you can get access to news feeds, games, sports scores and much more.

Finally, you don’t have to settle for a plain background for your home screen. With iPhone 11, you can easily customize the wallpaper to your liking. Just go to “Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper” and follow the onscreen instructions.

With these easy steps, anyone can customize the home screen on iPhone 11 and make it their own. So, go ahead and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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