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How do I enable the burst mode on my iPhone 13?

How to Burst Photos on iPhone 13 – Tips and Tricks

Are you looking to capture some fast-action stills or a quick succession of shots? Burst mode on iPhone 13 can be a great tool to achieve that. Burst photos are simply a rapid series of photos taken in quick succession with a single shutter press. The iPhone 13 has some improved camera hardware and software that makes it easier than ever to take stunning burst photos. In this article, we will guide you on how to burst photos on iPhone 13 and provide some tips and tricks to get the most out of this feature.

1. Launch Camera App and Find Burst Mode

To start, open the camera app on your iPhone 13. You can find burst mode by swiping to the left on the camera screen until you locate it. Alternatively, you can hold down the shutter button to activate a burst.

2. Take Burst Photos

To take burst photos, simply hold down the shutter release button. The iPhone 13 will automatically capture a series of pictures in quick succession until you release the button.

3. View Burst Photos

Once you’ve taken some burst photos, they can be viewed and managed easily. Open the Photos app, select a burst photo, and swipe up to reveal a series of photos. You can also open a burst photo and tap “Select” to view all the photos in the burst mode sequence.

4. Pick the Best Photo

Next, you’ll want to select the best photo(s) from your burst sequence. This can be done in the Photos app by swiping through the sequence and tapping “Select” on the ones you like. You can also use the “Favorites” feature to mark the best photos as favorites, making it easier to locate them later.

5. Share Your Burst Photos

Now that you’ve selected the best photos from your burst, it’s time to share them. You can share your burst photos in a number of ways – via iMessage, email, or on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Simply select the photo(s) you want to share, tap “Share,” and choose the method of sharing that works best for you.

Tips and Tricks for Burst Photography on iPhone 13

1. Practice Makes Perfect

The more often you use the burst mode, the better you’ll get at capturing those perfect moments in time. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and use burst mode in various scenarios to see what works best.

2. Use Burst for Fast Action Shots

Burst mode is particularly useful when capturing fast-moving subjects like sports, kids playing, or pets. By using burst mode, you’ll capture more frames per second, making it easier to nail that perfect shot.

3. Be Mindful of Storage

Because burst mode captures a lot of frames in quick succession, it can take up a lot of storage on your iPhone 13. Be mindful of this when using this feature and make sure to keep an eye on your storage levels.


In conclusion, burst mode on iPhone 13 is an excellent feature to help you capture stunning photos of fast-moving subjects or to capture the perfect shot that might have been missed otherwise. With the tips and tricks we’ve provided, you should be able to use burst mode with ease and get the most out of your iPhone 13’s camera capabilities. So go ahead, try it out, and have fun capturing those perfect moments in time!

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