how to bold text on iphone imessage


Are there certain fonts that give a bolder look when using an iPhone iMessage?

How to Bold Text on iPhone iMessage

Do you wish to make your iMessages stand out by using bold text? Good news! It’s simple and easy to do. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open iMessage

Tap on the iMessage app on your iPhone, and start a new message or open an existing conversation.

Step 2: Type your message

Type the message you’d like to send by using the iPhone keyboard.

Step 3: Highlight the text you want to bold

To highlight the text, long-press on it, and then drag the blue highlight markers to select the specific words, sentence or phrase that you want to bold. You can select any amount of text, from a single word to multiple paragraphs.

Step 4: Find the Bold option

Once the text is highlighted, a pop-up menu will appear. Tap on “B (bold)” to turn on bold formatting.

Step 5: Preview your message

You can preview your message before sending it to make sure that the bold formatting has been applied correctly.

There you go! You’ve successfully made your iMessage text bold.

Other Types of Formatting Options

Apart from bold, there are other formatting options that you can use in iMessage. Let’s take a look:

Italic: Tap on (i) in the pop-up menu to italicize text.

Underline: Tap on the “U” in the pop-up menu to underline text.

Strikethrough: Tap on “abc” in the pop-up menu to add a strikethrough to the text.

Bold and Italic: Tap on “BI” in the pop-up menu to make the text both bold and italic.

Bold and Underline: Tap on “BU” in the pop-up menu to bold and underline the text.

Now that you are familiar with these options, you can choose the right format to make your messages more effective.


In conclusion, bolding text on iMessage is a quick and simple process that can elevate your message and make it more noticeable. Using these formatting options, you can increase readability and emphasis on specific words and phrases.

Remember these simple steps and keep experimenting with different formatting options to find the right one to convey your message correctly.

In the age of communication, it is important to know how to make your message stand out regardless of which platform you are using. iPhone devices offer users an easy way to make their messages more visible through messaging app iMessage. You may want to bold text to emphasize a statement or draw attention to important details. Here are the steps for how to bold text on iPhone iMessage.

1. Open your iMessage and type the message you want in the text box.

2. Highlight the words you would like to bold.

3. To do this, touch and hold the text until a bubble called “Select” appears.

4. Tap on the bubble labeled “Select”.

5. Press hard on the touchpad with your finger and a few options will appear including “BIU” – this stands for Bold, Italics, and Underline.

6. Tap the “BIU” option and then select “Bold.”

7. Your text is now bold and it should appear that way in the text box.

By following these steps, bolding text in iMessage is a breeze. Whether you’re chatting with family or trying to get a business point across, these steps will help to make your message stand out. In addition to bolding, you can also italicize and underline text by following the same process above. Make your messages more clear and readable with these features now available on iMessage.

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