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What are some tips for achieving the best results when blurring the background in a video editing on iPhone?

How to Blur Background in Video Editing on iPhone

Do you have a video that’s great, but the background is distracting? Blurring the background can make your video look more professional and focused on the subject at hand. In this article, we’ll show you how to blur the background in video editing on an iPhone.

Step 1: Download a Video Editing App

The first step is to download a video editing app that has a blurring tool. Some popular free options include iMovie, Adobe Premiere Clip and Splice. For this tutorial, we’ll use iMovie since it’s readily available on most iPhones and iPads.

Step 2: Import Your Video into iMovie

Open iMovie on your iPhone and click the “+” icon to import your video. Select the video you want to edit and import it into iMovie.

Step 3: Add the Video to the Timeline

Click on the video in the iMovie timeline, and it will be surrounded by a yellow box. Click the “Effects” button and then choose “Blur” from the options. iMovie will then add a layer of blur to your video.

Step 4: Adjust the Blur Level

After adding the blur effect to your video, you can adjust the level of blur by using the slider button. Drag it to the right to increase the blur, or to the left to reduce the amount of blur.

Step 5: Apply the Blur Effect to the Background

To blur only the background of your video, you need to use the iMovie masking tool. Tap on the “Mask” icon and select the shape you want to use to cover the object you want to isolate. You can choose from rectangle, oval, or freeform. Adjust the shape and size to cover the background you want to blur.

Step 6: Preview and Export Your Video

Preview your video to make sure the blurring effect is applied correctly. Once you’re satisfied with the video, tap “Done” and choose the quality and export options you want. You can save your video to your camera roll, share it on social media, or even upload it to YouTube.


Blurring the background in video editing on an iPhone is simple with the help of iMovie. It’s a quick and easy way to focus your video on the main subject while removing the distracting background. Use this tutorial to improve the quality of your videos and make them more engaging for your audience.

When it comes to creating blockbuster-style videos, one of the most important skills is to be able to blur the background to give your footage a professional look. This is particularly true for iPhone users, who may want to blur the background of their videos for added production value. Here’s a quick guide to getting the job done quickly and easily with just the iPhone’s built-in video editing apps.

The first thing you need to do is open your clip in the native iPhone Video editor. Once the clip is open, you’ll see there’s a ‘Filters’ section in the top menu. Tap this and you’ll see a range of pre-set filters that you can apply directly to your clip. One of these is ‘Tilt-Shift’, which will blur the background of your video, while keeping the focus centred on the subject. It’s worth playing around with the effects and tweaking them until you get the desired result.

The next option is to use Apple’s iMovie app, if you have it already installed. iMovie comes with much more advanced features than the built-in video editor, including the ability to blur the background with a dedicated effect. To access the effect, tap on the ‘Effects’ option in the toolbar, then select ‘Background Blur’. You can then tap and drag the effect onto the clip, and adjust the level of blur to your liking.

Finally, if you want a truly professional-looking blur effect, there is an app called Touchretouch. This highly praised app is designed to remove unwanted elements from an image, but it also has a blurring tool. To access the tool, select the layer you want to blur and then tap the ‘Blur’ icon. You can then drag the blur effect across the image, or use the pinch and zoom to adjust the size, shape, and intensity of the blur.

Whichever method you choose, you should now have a great-looking blurred background to your video, giving it much more professional look. With just a few simple steps, you can have the same type of stunning effects used in Hollywood-style productions – all from your iPhone.

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